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Microsoft's Visual FoxPro XSource is made up of the source in the of the XSource folder in the Visual FoxPro \Tools directory.


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XSource contains the source files for various Visual FoxPro components. The license governing XSource can be found in the XSource_EULA.txt included with all of the XSource releases

For the purposes of maintaining XSource, VFPX splits it into 21 main projects. Some of the projects may contain a collection of smaller projects, such as Builders and Wizards.

Add Label
Located in the Visual FoxPro Tools\Addlabel folder, makes it possible for you to add custom label sizes to the new label dialog box in the label designer by adding new sizes to the Windows Registry.
vfpxreleasesmall.png Latest Release of Add Label

Makes it possible for you to specify capitalization and indentation styles for program code appearing in an editing window. When a program file is open in the editing window, selecting the Beautify command from the Tools menu opens the Beautify Options dialog box.
vfpxreleasesmall.png Latest Release of Beautify

Builders are tools that aid in setting properties of controls on a form. Unlike wizards, builders are reentrant, so you can reopen a builder on a particular control repeatedly. Visual FoxPro includes a number of generic builders for many of the common form controls including grids, list boxes, combo boxes, check boxes, command groups, and option groups.
  • Application Builder - Displays a tabbed dialog box to simplify creating and modifying forms, complex controls, and other optional elements of effective and satisfying applications.
  • AutoFormat Builder - Allows you to apply a set of styles to selected controls of the same type.
  • Combo Box Builder - Makes it easy for you to set properties for a Combo Box control.
  • Command Group Builder - Makes it easy for you to set properties for a Command Group control.
  • CursorAdapter Builder - Makes it easy for you to build CursorAdapter objects more quickly (note: the source for the CursorAdapter Builder is part of the DataEnvironment Builder project).
  • DataEnvironment Builder - Makes it easy for you to build DataEnvironment objects that use the capabilities of CursorAdapter objects. Note that the DataEnvironment Builder project is located in the Wizards\DEBuilder folder.
  • Edit Box Builder - Makes it easy for you to set properties for an Edit Box control.
  • Form Builder - Makes it easy for you to add fields as new controls to a form.
  • Grid Builder - Makes it possible for you to set properties for a Grid control.
  • List Box Builder - Makes it easy for you to set properties for a List Box control.
  • Option Group Builder - Makes it easy for you to set properties for an Option Group control.
  • Referential Integrity Builder - Helps you to ensure referential integrity by setting up triggers to control how records are inserted, updated, or deleted in related tables.
  • Text Box Builder - Makes it easy for you to set properties for a Text Box control.
  • XML Web Service Builder - Makes it possible for you to bind an XML Web service to a control on a Visual FoxPro form or to an object, such as a cursor adapter in the form's data environment, without writing code.
vfpxreleasesmall.png Latest Release of Builders

Class Browser
The Class Browser displays classes in class libraries or forms and type library information in a type library (.tlb), object library (.olb), or executable (.exe) file. You can use the Class Browser to view, use, and manage classes and their user-defined members.
vfpxreleasesmall.png Latest Release of Class Browser

Code References Tool
The Code References project provides a way for you to search for occurrences of a code reference in a project, specific folder or subfolder. You can filter your search by file type.
vfpxreleasesmall.png Latest Release of Code References Tool

Coverage Profiler
The Visual FoxPro Coverage Profiler is provided in two parts, a Coverage engine object you can use or customize and a multiple window application you can use to analyze programs and projects. The Coverage Profiler application ( provides several ways to view the data provided by the Coverage engine. is a subclass of the Coverage engine class. You can automate coverage or modify the user interface to suit your needs, run in unattended mode and not display the application window, or use engine features without using the interface.
vfpxreleasesmall.png Latest Release of Coverage Profiler

Converts files created in FoxPro 2.6 and earlier versions of Visual FoxPro to the current Visual FoxPro format. This is necessary when you want to use these files with later versions of Visual FoxPro.
vfpxreleasesmall.png Latest Release of Converter

Data Explorer (NOTE: Sedna's version is later, and the DataExplorer 3 is newest)
The Data Explorer Task Pane is used to open data connections and to log on to servers and explore their databases. You can right-click on nodes to perform various actions against the data elements represented by those nodes. You can drag nodes from Data Explorer and drop them onto Visual FoxPro designers and editors. This creates new data controls on forms or code that is preconfigured to reference the item dropped.
vfpxreleasesmall.png Latest Release of Data Explorer

Environment Manager
The Environment Manager is a tool you can use to manage and organize environment settings for reusable development needs such as at a specific client or project level. For example, you might have multiple projects for a specific client that all use the same form template (e.g., one with the client's logo) and environment settings (e.g., data paths). The Environment Manager lets you create environment sets which are packages of settings you can apply at any time. These settings include SET commands, Form and Formset templates, and Field class mappings.
vfpxreleasesmall.png Latest Release of Environment Manager

Intellisense Manager
The IntelliSense Manager makes it possible for you to perform IntelliSense management tasks.
vfpxreleasesmall.png Latest Release of Intellisense Manager

MemberData Editor
The MemberData Editor application allows developers to edit MemberData. The MemberData Editor presents an easy to use front-end so that you can view and edit MemberData associated with your classes.
vfpxreleasesmall.png Latest Release of MemberData Editor

Object Browser
The Object Browser displays the classes, properties, methods, events, and constants available for COM object libraries. You can use it to find and use objects you create, as well as objects from other applications.
vfpxreleasesmall.png Latest Release of Object Browser

Reporting Apps
The default implementation of Visual FoxPro 9's Report Applications. Including the report output engine, the preview container, and the default Report Builder application, complete with a framework of Report Designer event handlers.
vfpxreleasesmall.png Latest Release of Reporting Apps

Task List Manager
Makes it possible for you to keep track of tasks.
vfpxreleasesmall.png Latest Release of Task List Manager

Task Pane Manager
The Task Pane Manager displays links to useful information and dialog boxes for performing essential tasks. Individual panes can contain static or dynamic information, gather content from the Internet, expose wizards to accomplish routine tasks, display Help, and present samples. Users can create customized panes that can be shared with other users.
vfpxreleasesmall.png Latest Release of Task Pane Manager

The Toolbox displays items used in the creation of applications, the items are displayed in toolsets (collections of tools) by category. The toolsets can be common resources such as native Visual FoxPro classes that can be placed onto a workspace. Additionally, the Toolbox supports items that are builders or wizards, ActiveX controls or classes, COM+ controls or classes, and text scraps. Furthermore, the Toolbox can hold file-based resources such as tables, images, reports, labels, and forms.
vfpxreleasesmall.png Latest Release of Toolbox

When uninstalling and reinstalling Visual FoxPro, the tool can be used to make sure all core Xbase and other files are set appropriately.
vfpxreleasesmall.png Latest Release of VFPClean

The Webservice application, which is run when the developer picks Web Service from the Wizards sub menu in the Visual FoxPro IDE, checks to ensure that MSSOAP.SoapClient30 is registered on the machine and that IIS is installed. It also handles Intellisense subscriptions through the use of the wsreg class in the FFC ws3utils.vcx library and full web service publications through the wspub class in the FFC ws3utils.vcx library.
vfpxreleasesmall.png Latest Release of Webservice

A collection of Wizard applications and productivity enhancement tools including the following:
  • Anchor Editor
  • DataEnvironment Builder
  • Application Wizard
  • Form Wizard
  • Documenting Wizard
  • Graph Wizard
  • Import Wizard
  • Marl Merge Wizard
  • Pivot Table Wizard
  • Query Wizard
  • Report Wizard
  • Table Wizard
  • SQL Server Upsizing Wizard (NOTE: Sedna's version is later)
  • Web Publishing Wizard
vfpxreleasesmall.png Latest Release of Wizards

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DougHennig Jan 8, 2016 at 7:33 PM 
Hi Thierry.

Both the CA and DE builders are in the Wizards\DEBuilder folder (wrong place, I know, but that's where Microsoft put them).


FoxInCloud Jan 7, 2016 at 6:09 PM 

Could not find the DE and CAD builders in the 'XSource (Builders)' D/L -- did I miss something?


Cyberfacz Feb 22, 2013 at 2:33 PM 
Hola buenas, me parece todo genial, sin embargo continuo con la duda.

Digamos que todo esta correcto con el Xsource,¿debos de remplazar las carpetas por este que nos ofrecen?

gracias de antemano por la respuesta.

DougHennig Oct 15, 2010 at 1:18 PM 
Not all VFP tools are written in VFP code. Tab Order is one of those things built into VFP.EXE.

edyshor Oct 15, 2010 at 12:22 PM 
The "Tab Oder -> Assign interactively" tool is not in the xsource ?!

EddyMaue Mar 2, 2010 at 8:13 PM 
in the foxcode table

EddyMaue Mar 2, 2010 at 8:12 PM 
Hello again, it is possible to change the width of the field abbrev and Expanded

thank you in advance

Eddy Maue

EddyMaue Mar 2, 2010 at 6:58 PM 
Hello everyone,

In the application foxcode I read ALLTRIM IF (LOWER (THIS.OFOXCODE.ABBREV ))==" FUNCMENU2 "in foxcodeloader.main. I think it overcharged "Upper" which is correct.

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