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Project Manager: Mike Yearwood

There are several UI designs for taking user input and using it as part of a query. The purpose of this is to make a mini query framework. The different UIs are just variations on a theme. They end up returning/creating conditions but many developers seem to be unaware of how to use parameters to prevent SQL Injection Attacks. The various search UIs range from overly simple – to the point of being virtually useless to overly complex. There is also a lack of smooth workflow for the user.

The goal of this project is to provide a dynamic way for developers to create a smooth and powerful search UI with smooth workflow. It will provide different ‘styles’/’themes’ and is intended to fit easily into an existing application. The more sophisticated - ‘advanced’ search – often lacks smooth workflow for the user and if it would be good for a user – is implemented poorly becoming unused.

Developers will be able to instantiate their own controls as the user constructs the where clause. Depending on the style some of the controls will be invisible, yet will still contribute to construction of the where clause.

It will also produce a where clause string with parameter placeholders. It is intended to also provide a mechanism to store and restore user’s where clauses.

It will also help to reduce the number of query plans in the SQL Server query cache.

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