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Using FoxBin2Prg with PlasticSCM

What is PlasticSCM?

PlasticSCM is an advanced commercial DVCS (Distributed Version Control System) that allow the use from a single developer to a whole team of developers, allow one database or various databases in sync, and even allow synching with GitHub and fast-exporting/fast-importing entire repositories to/from the Open Git file format, so if tomorrow you want to move to another SCM, you can do it with no technical or vendor lock-in.

Why I recommend this commercial tool?

  1. Because I don't know another tool (free or commercial) that have the power, ease and productivity boost of this one
  2. Because it can sync with GitHub, BitBucked and some others
  3. Because it is compatible with the Git Fast-Export and Fast-Import Open format
  4. Because includes repository sync, user permission management tool, support various permissions schemas (AD,etc)
  5. Because includes a basic and simple code review tool and support various external ones as Bugzilla, JIRA, Mantis and others
  6. Because have a very powerful command line program (cm command)
  7. Because I really like it, simple to use, configurable, visual and automatable with triggers and hooks
  8. Because I've done a set of VFP 9 and VBS tools to interface between Plastic and FoxBin2Prg from use inside Plastic GUI. This GitHub repo is maintained from my Plastic installation using the sync feature ;-)
  9. Because at present time (july 2014) and probably for years to come can be freely used up to 15 devs simultaneously, so many people, from single devs as I, up to small teams can benefit of this, and if your team have more members, you can try it first and then decide to buy the licenses you need, that surely you will pay off on first or second year of use.

Important Note: 2014/11/04

Starting from a few days ago, Codice software have changed some aspects of the Comunnity Edition Licencing, which remains free for personal use and small teams, but not for Commercial use, so to get or renew the licence you have to contact them and ask for the renewal.

Up the time of writing, august 2014, the free version is the same as the commercial one, so this quick-guide will be applicable in both use cases.


Index of contents:

Using FoxBin2Prg with PlasticSCM
PlasticSCM - Download and configuration
PlasticSCM – Adding an existing VFP project
PlasticSCM – Working with branch per task
PlasticSCM – Working with branches with a second developer on same task
PlasticSCM - Desintegrate a task from the release
PlasticSCM - Synchronizing with a Git Repository
PlasticSCM – What’s next

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