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Using Dynamic Forms with Business Objects

Dyanamic Forms can work with Business Objects to call the appropriate “Save“ method when the user clicks the Save button. The following properties are used to wire up a Dynamic Form to a Business Object to implement this functionality



loForm = CreateObject('MyDynamicForm')
loOrder = CreateBusObject('Order')


loForm.oBusinessObject = loOrder
loForm.oDataObject = loOrder.oData
loForm.cBusinessObjectSaveMethod = 'Save()'

loForm.Show(0) && Modeless

In this example, we've created a Dynamic From and a Business Object. Then we load a record with the Business Object. We then wire up Dynamic Form to the Business Object to handle the Save() click. Now, when the user clicks the Save button the command "loOrder.Save()" will be called to invoke the Save() method.

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