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Left Pane

The left pane shows a grid with the data structure of the table. The fields are listed in alphabetical order. The order can be changed by clicking one of the headers.

Click on the fields listed in the grid to mark those you wish to "process".

Below the grid are two buttons:

Save Selections Saves the current selections so that the next time you open this table the same fields will be selected.
Show Schema Opens a detailed description about the table in your browser.

Picker Page

This page is a SQL and Browse syntax builder.


Option group to select the type of statement to be created:

Only fields Creates a list of the selected fields
Select ... Creates a SQL Select statement
Update ... Creates a SQL Update statement
Insert ... Creates a SQL Insert statement
Create ... Create a SQL Create statement
Browse Create a Browse command

Option group to select SQL type:

VFP Creates VFP SQL syntax
SQLExec Creates MsSQL syntax

Checkbox for NVL():

Add NVL() Adds NVL() syntax where appropriate

Option group to select Cast type:

No Does not add Cast()
VFP Adds VFP type Cast()
ANSI Creates ANSI type Cast()

Other options and controls:

“From:” Textbox Shows the current table name
“Add From” Checkbox Adds “From” phrase to the Select statement
“Close afterwards” Checkbox Closes the table when SuperBrowse exits
“As:” Textbox Fills in the Table_Alias
“=TableName” Button Fills in the current table name in the As textbox
“Remove” Button Blanks the As field
“Into Table” Textbox Fill in the name of the target table/cursor
Option 1. Table Target is a table
Option 2. Cursor Target is a read only cursor
Option 3. Cursor read/Write Target is a read/write cursor

Grid page:

This page is an advanced grid.

Click a column header to select/unselect a field.

Double-click any record to open it for editing in a separate window created by Dynamic Forms. This is not available if “Read-Only” checkbox is checked).



Filtering the grid:

Textbox Search Values Enter what you want to search for
Option Expression Searches for the expression you type in. Here are some samples
Option Value Enter what you want to search for

Searching in the table

The search options are best described by some samples:

Option = Expression Name='Jim' or name = 'Tore' Self explanatory
Option = Expression Obsolete Finds every record where logical field Obsolete is .T.
Option = Expression Inlist(custno,10,20,30) Self explanatory
Option = Expression 'nit'$country Finds every record where 'nit' is inside the field Country
Option = Value usa Finds every record where the word 'usa' is inside any of the selected fields
Option = Value samsung 5110 Finds every record where the words 'samsung' and '5110' are inside any of the selected fields
Option = Value jim nelson kong Finds every record where the words 'jim' and 'nelson' and 'kong' are inside any of the selected fields
Option = Expression *jim nelson kong Same as above, the asterisk (*) forces a Value type searchany of the selected fields
Option = Value =price>100 Find all records with price > 100, the equal sign (=) forces an Expression type searchany of the selected fields

Easy access to the right search type

  • Begin the search text with an equal sign (=) to force an Expression type search
  • Likewise, an asterisk (*) to force a Value type search

For Value search, the following rules apply:

  • Each word are separated, and every word must exist in the record
  • Only selected fields are searched
  • All searches are case insensitive
  • Memo fields are also searched
  • Numeric values are searched for inside both character and numeric fields

Other controls on this page:

Listbox Sort To select the current sort order
Button |< Go to previous record
Button |> Go to next record
Button + Add a new record
Button Edit Edit the current record on a separate form
Checkbox Read-Only Self explanatory
Checkbox Hide unselected fields Makes the grid only show selected fields
Button Modify Structure Gives you the possibility to modify the structure. If the table is opened shared, you are asked whether you want to reopen it exclusive or not.

Index page

Lists all active index tags, and shows the syntax to recreate the index file. Can be copied to the clipboard by marking the text with the mouse and press Ctrl-C.

Settings page

This page should be self explanatory.
Tip: The ForeColor and BackColor is a good tool to find the RGB values for a color. Select any color, press OK and you will see the value.
NB! It's usually best to use ForeColor, since the default is Black.

Keyboard shortcuts while the left grid is active:


Escape Close the form
Enter Close the form
Spacebar Toggle Select Field
A Press button Select all
B Copy the current SQL statement to the clipboard
G Activate page Grid
H Toggle checkbox Hide unselected Fields (Grid page)
K Activate page Picker
O Copy the current SQL statement to the clipboard
R Press button Reverse all
S Toggle Select Field
U Press button Unselect all

When Picker page is visible, these keys also are activated:

: Set focus to the textbox Into Cursor
C Select option SQL Create...
D Set focus to the textbox Into Local Alias
E Select option SQL Select...
F Toggle checkbox Add From
I Select option SQL Insert...
L Toggle checkbox Add NVL()
M Click button Remove
N Select option ANSI Cast
P Select option SQL Update...
T Select option No Cast
V Select option VFP Cast
W Select option Browse
X Sets Local Alias to current alias
Y Select option Only fields
1 Select option Into Table
2 Select option Into Cursor

Keyboard shortcuts while the main (right) grid is active:

NB! These shortcuts are only active in Read-Only mode!

Enter Select left grid
F Set focus to the Searc Values textbox
K Select left grid

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