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Thor IntellisenseX Dot Glitch

It seems inevitable that there be one unavoidable glitch in any new IDE Tool.

The tool IntellisenseX by Dot works by using On Key Label to capture any time you press a period (dot). However, there are times when this causes problems (rather than adding features) – when you want the dot to be handled “normally”.

There are at least two reports of difficulties encountered:

  • If you are typing  .T. or .F. there is enough of a delay that the second character may be goggled up. This can be remedied by typing slower.
  • If you have a native FoxPro Intellisense dropdown list already and you press a dot, something else goes wrong:

In the example below, native Intellisense has displayed the list of members for Thisform, and after ‘gr’ has been entered, highlights the match to a grid named  ‘GrdGrid’.


The normal behavior for Intellisense is that when you now enter a period (dot), the entire name ‘GrdGrid’ is entered into your code window followed by the dot. We have done this so often that it is reflexive behavior.

However, if IntellisenseX by Dot is active, pressing the dot here does NOT work as expected. The remainder of the word is not entered into your code window. Instead, you get this:


There are at least three different ways to get around this problem:

  • Instead of pressing dot, press space + backspace + dot
  • Assign a hot key to IntellisenseX by Dot (which toggles it) so that you can turn it off before you press the dot, then press it again afterwards to re-active IntellisenseX by Dot.
  • Use IntellisenseX by Hot Key instead, which does not have this issue.

Recommendation: As annoying as this behavior may be from time to time, so much so that you may want to stop using Intel … by Dot and begin using  Intel … by Hot Key instead, we recommend sticking with Intel … by Dot until you have become completely familiar with all the features automatically provided by it. Using Intel… by Hot Key, after all, requires that you know when you can invoke IntellisenseX.

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