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  • Video series
    • Introduction to Thor (Matt)
    • How-to videos for Thor:
      • Installation
      • Check For Updates
      • Configuration Form
      • Launcher
      • Six different ways to run tools
    • A series of short videos showing how to use all the tools; related tools will be presented in the same video, and not all tools will be shown
  • New Tools

    • BeautifyMany – applies BeautifyX and adding MDots to entire files, folders, or projects. Written by Tore Bleken, testing by Koen Pillar and Claus Schuster
    • Local Intellisense Helper – from Ian Simcock.
  • New table to maintain list of plug-ins, replacing table now in PEM Editor
    • New plug in for GoFish for setting grid properties
    • New plug in for SuperBrowse for field names<!--EndFragment-->


  • “Find Objects” enhancements

    • Search contained objects only, instead of entire form or class
    • Edit directly in the grid
  • Suggestions from Eric Selje (that he wants to work on!)
  • New tool to Insert / Manage Snippets
  • New tool to replace “Append Blank” with ….
  • Enhancements to GoToDefinition to create arrays and methods with parameters
  • Enhancement to Extract to Method creates parameters and result?
  • Class Browser enhancements
  • Working on the performance of Highlight Control Structure when working on large files (1 Meg)
  • “Open files” to allow selection of multiple files to open at once (Russell)

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