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PlasticSCM – Working with branch per task

If you are a single developer, then you just want to create a branch for working (look how the home icon is changed to the new branch when selecting the check on the bottom):

Create a new branch:


Fill in the name and description, and select the bottom checkbox:


The new branch was created:


Now you can make your changes, the Close button is preexistent and the new field is FirstName (label and textbox):


Go to Pending Changes view, and refresh using the semi-circular arrow on the left:


Regenerate text versions for Pending Changed files:


And refresh the Pending Changes view, which now shows the generated text file:


Then finally checkin and open Branch Explorer:


Now you want to add this functionality to the next release v2_0, so let’s create a new branch for the release v2_0 from the last on production:


And now merge your work branch (pay attention at where is the home icon):


You can see a new tab with a new merge view with the items about to merge:


Then click the “process all merges” button at the top, and because this merge is automatic (nobody else has made changes) you can close this view using the (x) on the right of the tab:


On the Branch Explorer view you can see a dotted green line indicating that the merge is not finished yet:


Because you must verify and confirm the changes (or revert them) in the Pending Changes view:


Now you confirm the changes and get back to Branch Explorer view:


Congratulations! Your changes are on the release!


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