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PlasticSCM – What’s next

Once you know the basics, you should dig deeper to find the treasure you can get from this exceptional tool, because we just have scratching the surface.

Integrated sync with GitHub repositories

If you are interested in synching with GitHub, here is a short YouTube video showing how to do it:

More documentation

Take a look at the great documentation available at their web site:

Index of contents:

Using FoxBin2Prg with PlasticSCM
PlasticSCM - Download and configuration
PlasticSCM – Adding an existing VFP project
PlasticSCM – Working with branch per task
PlasticSCM – Working with branches with a second developer on same task
PlasticSCM - Desintegrate a task from the release
PlasticSCM - Synchronizing with a Git Repository
PlasticSCM – What’s next

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