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IDE Tools: Plug-Ins

A number of plug-ins are available to alter the behavior of PEM Editor. Samples of each of them are provided in the sub-folder "Sample Plug-Ins." 

Any plug-in can be enabled by either:

  • Copying it into the sub-folder "Live Plug-Ins". 
  • Adding PEME_ to the name of the plug-in (PEME_GoToDefinition, for instance) and saving it in your path.

Each sample PRG is amply commented, describing parameters and results.


AutoRenameControl Determines names for objects when they are automatically renamed.  All or part of the default behavior may be over-ridden.
CloseControlStructure Determines the text to be used when closing a control structure (EndIF, EndWith, etc.)  May be used to include the text from the opening of the control structure, if desired:
       If This.lProperty
       EndIf This.lProperty
CreateLocalsStatements Determines which variables assigned in a procedure are to be included in the LOCAL statements and also the format of the LOCAL statement.  Called with an array of all possible locals.
GoToDefinition Called after all other searches in GoToDefinition have failed, this allows further customization, such as trying to open the table for the name under the cursor.

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