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IDE Tools: Copy properties and methods

This feature copies properties and methods from the currently selected object into a "clipboard" for later pasting or comparing.

The copied properties and methods can be used a number of different ways:

The "different object" can be another object on the same form or class, in a different form or class, or in the parent class.

This feature is also used as a final step when copying properties and method code from an object into its parent class during re-factoring.  See Paste properties and method code.

A few notes of interest:

  • This tool allows you to copy any object, even if VFP cannot copy it (the familiar message "Cannot copy objects because some are members of a parent class").  In this case, the tool actually digs into the parent class that the object is a member of, and extracts all non-default properties and methods from there as well. 
  • You can copy an entire class when editing to simplify later pasting:
    • Use this tool on the class
    • Close the class.
    • Open the form or class to paste into.
    • Use Paste Object.
  • The "clipboard" that the properties and method code gets pasted into survives even if you close PEM Editor; they will survive as long as 'Clear All' is not used, which removes the object containing them from memory.
  • Unlike VFP Copy, this tool can only copy a single object.

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