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IDE Tools: Code Listings

Applies to tools:

Code Listings:

  • This control
    • All Code
    • All Code and Inherited Code
  • This control and Children
    • All Code
    • All Code and Inherited Code

There’s not much to explain about these tools; they all pop up a window with method code. 

Some clarifications:

  • ‘This control’ means:
    • The currently selected control being displayed in PEM Editor (if it is open)
    • or the currently selected control (as would be displayed in the Property Window).  These two are almost always the same, but will differ at times
  • ‘Children’ means: all the child objects of the control, down through the entire tree of objects.
  • ‘All Code’ means all methods or events with non-default code
  • ‘Inherited Code’ means more than you would expect.  For any object which is a member of a parent class, this shows the code for the object in the parent class. Note that native VFP does not provide any mechanism for seeing this code.  (See the sample below.)
  • The code is displayed in such a way that VFP Document View helps with navigation.

The example below shows Document View for a code listing of a command button ‘cmdSave’ and its inherited code:

  1. There is one event that has non-default code.
  2. This object is a member of the parent class ‘cntupdatetablebo’, and you can see that there is a code for the click event there.
  3. And there are a number of events that have code in the baseclass ‘stdcommandbutton’


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