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IDE Tools: Close Control Structure

This tool performs the simplest of tasks: it supplies the correct closing statement for a control structure. 

Follow the sequence as this tool is used repeatedly on this code sample, each time adding the another closing statement. (And, don’t miss the comments at the end.)







Customization: There is a plug-In PRG that allows you to modify the behavior of this tool.  It allows you to modify the text of the closing statement (such as including the text from a beginning IF statement).  See Plug-Ins.

For example, see how this code could have looked if it used a Plug-In which includes the text from the beginning of each control structure:


Control Structures:

  • If / Endif
  • Do Case / EndCase
  • Do While / EndWhile
  • For / EndFor
  • Try / EndTry
  • With / EndWith
  • Text / EndText
  • Procedure / EndProc
  • Function / EndFunc
  • Define Class / EndDefine

See also: Highlight Control Structure

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