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IDE Tools: Help

Analyzing and modifying code editor windows

  • Go To Definition - Go to the definition of the name under the cursor; method, PRG, procedure, etc.
  • BeautifyX - Beautify to the extreme; highly customizable standardization of method code
  • Create LOCALs - Create the LOCALs list in a method, based on assignments in that method.
  • Extract To Method - Extracts the currently highlighted block of code into a new method.
  • Enhanced Cut and Copy
  • Highlight Control Structure - Highlights the current control structure (If / EndIf, Try / Catch, Do Case / EndCase, etc)
  • Close Control Structure - Closes the current control structure by pasting EndIF, EndCase, etc., as appropriate.
  • Code Listings
  • Cross References  – Categorization of names referenced in code into a dozen categories. The results are displayed in a grid similar to Code References
  • Dynamic Snippets – Insert snippets of code that are dynamically created based on parameters. (Extension of Intellisense Auto-completion, which inserts static snippets)


Objects, Properties, Events, and Methods (PEMs)

  • Copy properties and methods - Copies properties and method code from the current object.
  • Compare with copied object - Compares properties and method code of the current object with those from the copied object.
  • Paste properties and Method Code  - Compares properties and method code from the copied object into the current object
  • Paste object – Paste (create) the copied object.
  • Add Object - Dialog for adding an object, using PEM Editor's 'Open Files' dialog
  • Find Objects - Dialog for searching for objects based on the values of any of their properties.
  • Object Size and Position - Opens the 'Size and Position' form for changing the size and position of objects (Extension of the “Format” menu)
  • Auto-Rename – renames current object (and optionally all its child objects) based on standard 3-letter prefix plus Caption or Controlsource


Parent Class and Super Class


MRUs, Windows, and Opening Files

  • Open Files – Dialogs to open classes or other files, including search by part of class name and/or by baseclass
  • Favorites – Manages list of favorite forms, classes, or class libraries
  • MRUs – Pop-up menu to access MRUs for classes, forms, class libraries, etc.
  • Move/Resize Window  - Move and resize the current edit window to a specified size and position
  • Forward and Back through open code windows
  • Close all code windows
  • Close all code windows except the top one
  • Move and / or resize the current window to specified place or size
  • Pop-up menu of all open Windows


Additional Notes 

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