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PEM Editor Version 6.10

Replacement for the native VFP dialogs to add, edit and maintain properties, events, and methods.

Supported in VFP8 and VFP9
Released 2010-11-14

A complete replacement for:
  • Edit Property/Method
  • New Property
  • New Method
  • Properties Window
  • Document View (for SCX and VCX only)
Beginning with Version 6, it also provides a wide range of IDE enhancements

Videos - Watch the PEM Editor Video Series(Note: These videos were released with version 4, but are still helpful to get started with PEM Editor.)

Click here to download the latest release of PEM Editor 6.10

Click here to download the documentation for PEM Editor 6.10

Version 6.10: What's new in this release

This release has enhancements dealing with multiple objects: a new form for editing properties when multiple objects are selected, and a new search tool for selecting objects.

Editing a property for multiple objects

When you have selected multiple objects with your mouse, there is a new form for editing the properties for the selected objects. Ctrl+Click on a row in the PEM Editor's grid to bring up the Results Form:


You can double click on the value of a property to edit that property, or double-click on the name of the object in the first column to navigate to that object.

You can also add, remove, resize, and re-order the columns.

Searching for objects

There is a new search tool for finding objects in your form/class that meet criteria that you specify. This allows you to specify (find) objects and then modify their properties, using the new form displayed above, and also to navigate between the objects.

Searching is initiated by using the new Binoculars Icon at the top of the PEM Editor form:


This brings up the new 'Find Object(s)' form, which allows you to enter your own search expression to find objects in your form or class. The result of your search is displayed in the new form (above) for editing properties for multiple objects.


Objects which match the search criteria are displayed in the Results form (shown at the top of this release page).

Version 6.00: What's new in this release

This release contains numerous major enhancements and minor enhancements.

Major Enhancements (from 5.07 to 6)
  • PEM Editor IDE Tools, which are available when the focus is not on PEM Editor. They are accessible through a menu in the VFP main menu or the Tools menu, as well as by user definable hotkeys.
  • Go To Definition - to go directly to the definition of a method, object, or property based on a reference to it in code.
  • Back (previous method) and Forward (next method) - to cycle backward or forward through the list of open method code or PRG windows.
  • Extract to Method - to take highlighted text in a method, prompt for and create a new method where the highlighted text becomes the definition for the new method, and then replace the highlighted text in the original method with a reference to the new method.
  • BeautifyX - Extensions to native VFP Beautify, a wide range of new tools:
    • applies native VFP Beautify (fixing the bug for mixed-case on continuation lines)
    • adds a space around operators
    • removes space before commas
    • standardizes use of string delimiters and the definitions for NOT and NOT EQUAL
    • provides for auto-alignment of the '=' sign in consecutive lines where properties / variables are assigned
    • provides for auto-alignment of the ';' sign in continuation lines
    • creates LOCAL statements, based on the variables that are assigned within a procedure/method. Numerous options are provided for the determination of which variables are to be included in the LOCAL statements, as well as the format of the statements.
    • provides highly customizable formatting of SELECT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements (including within TEXT/ENDTEXT structures, if desired), with special indentations:
      • for new fields and their continuation lines
      • for SELECT, UPDATE and DELETE keywords in general (FROM, WHERE,INTO)
        • for some specific keywords individually (JOINs, UNION, interior SELECTs, and SET)
      • and for nested level of parentheses
    • provides highly customizable formatting of REPLACE statements, with special indentations:
      • for alignment of WITH clauses and the expressions that follow them
      • and for some specific keywords individually
  • Enhanced Ctrl-X and Enhanced Ctrl-C - definitions for Ctrl-X and Ctrl-C that apply when no text is highlighted.
  • Move/Resize editor window - an option which allows you to move and or resize windows for method code or PRGs.
  • Access the 'Open' menu for MRUs, Favorites, and Open class/form/project/other files.
  • MRUs provide shortcuts for recently opened forms, classes, projects, and other files. These lists are the same MRU list as are maintained by VFP in the Command Window.
  • Favorites provide shortcuts for opening forms and classes you work with frequently.
  • Open class/form/project/other files provides the ability to search for and open classes, forms, projects, and other files, using a number of different search criteria, including part of a file name or class name, base class, etc.
  • Design Time Event Handlers provide a capability never before available, the capability to have event handlers that execute while you are modifying a form or class in the IDE. Two of these handlers are built in to PEM Editor, and can be activated in the Preferences form:
    • Changing the sizes and positions of objects on a form as the form is resized, based on their Anchor properties.
    • Keeping the right border constant for right-aligned checkboxes and labels when the width of the caption increases.
  • Builders provide a somewhat similar capability, that is, executing a method defined in a form or class, except that they are invoked directly (in contrast to Event Handlers, which are invoked indirectly when a property in the form/class is modified).
  • A number of new features, found in the combobox's right-click context menu, revolving around copying and pasting the current object. You can:
    • Select a different object and then Compare it with the copied object.
    • Select a different object and then Paste Properties and Method Code from the copied object.
    • Paste Object to create a new object.
  • And other enhancements:
    • Navigating to an object using Document TreeView (see Navigating ...) now causes the selected object also to be selected in the form you are editing (as it does when you navigate in the Property Window). Alas, there are some circumstances where this does not work; see Objects Selected in the Treeview are not always selected in the Form
    • PEM Editor maintains the case (on disk) of the names of all forms, classes, and other files that it opens with either MRUs or Open class/form/project/other files. These files are added to the MRU lists maintained by VFP, accessible from the Command Window.
    • There is a new DOPE which simplifies the task of creating a builder (such as "Do Form"). See DOPE to Execute without result *** &
    • There has been a significant speed-up in refreshing PEM Editor when a new object is selected.
    • There are a number of new keyboard shortcuts.
    • There is a new "Listing" which creates a PRG containing all method code for the current object as well as for any child objects.
    • There is a new "Listing" for the names, values, and descriptions of all properties, methods, and events, as HTML, appropriate for documentation.
    • The folder where Plug-Ins are to be stored has changed. This allows the sub-folder containing all the Plug-Ins to be copied easily when installing a new version of PEM Editor.

Release History:

Version 6.10 - Released 2010-11-14

Version 6 - Released 2010-09-0 (457 downloads)

Verion 6 Beta 1 - Released 2010-05-02 (533 downloads)

Version 5.07 - Release 2009-12-02 (1,437 downloads)

Version 5 - Release 2009-10-11 (702 downloads)

Version 4.10 - Released 2009-08-16 (653 downloads)

Version 4 - Released 2009-07-05 (671 dowbloads)

Version 3.01 - update released 2009-02-22

Version 3.0 - Released 2009-01-11 (1,252 downloads) By Jim Nelson, with help from Doug Hennig, Matt Slay, and Rick Schummer.

Version 2.0 - Released 2008-11-10 By Jim Nelson and Doug Hennig.

Version 1.0 by Marcia Akins

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contibru Jan 26, 2012 at 12:28 PM 
I got a error on installing:
PEM Editor registration failed.
Problem accessing _FoxCode.

JimRNelson Jun 15, 2011 at 4:35 PM 
RE: BeautifyX and <= vs =<.

My apologies. I was not aware that => was a valid construction. (My bad). I expect a new Beta release of PEM Editor out this weekend, and that problem will be corrected then.

dkreuzen Jun 15, 2011 at 12:12 AM 
BeautifyX and <= vs =<.
If the =< is used, BeautifyX will insert a space between the = and < causing a compile error.

jstager May 12, 2011 at 5:07 PM 
Hi Jim, regarding the MsgBox issue. If you bring up the PEM editor (you don't have to do anything else in there) then in your command window type:
MsgBox("Test Message",48,"Test Caption")
you will get a "Data type mismatch" error

You can declare the MsgBox procedure as follows for test:
Procedure MsgBox(tcMessage,tnButtons,tcCaption)

From what I can tell it is the FoxTools.Fll that is actually doing the re-declaring of MsgBox and it must have different parameters. Can you do a RELEASE LIBRARY command of the FoxTools.fll after the PEM editor uses it?


JimRNelson Apr 14, 2011 at 11:18 PM 
RE: MsgBox and PEM Editor ... PEM Editor does not have any reference to anything named MsgBox, nor does it re-define MessageBox. What exactly are you seeing?

jstager Apr 8, 2011 at 5:16 PM 
It seems that this PEM Editor declares it's own MsgBox() function, which ends up overwriting my own. So after opening the PEM editor, my MsgBox calls no longer work because of different parameters in the two. Is there anyway to have this changed?


JimRNelson Nov 13, 2010 at 1:20 AM 
Jame305 ...

Odd with BeautifyX misbehaving on WITHs. Perhaps I have made assumptions that you are not aware of. Can you send me some code that is not handled correctly, and also your settings? (A direct email would be fine)

JimRNelson Nov 13, 2010 at 1:18 AM 
Camil --

I have not worked with formsets at all, and when I have tried working with them, what I have found is that PEM Editor itself works OK for them, BUT Document TreeView, for selecting objects and or methods, fails all over the place. At this time, I have no idea how long it will take to correct this (or, for that matter, whether I can correct this).

As for the controls in a small space ... yes, I understand that problem. An interesting balancing act, between presenting PEM Editor in a usable form for the developer and making sure it does not consume too much screen real estate.

jame305 Nov 10, 2010 at 4:47 PM 
Kudos. Last nights AFUG (Atlanta) presentation was great.

I have a possible bug with BeautifyX. I have set the preferences to align the WITHs in a series of REPLACEs. However, after running BeautifyX the WITHs do not change their original positions and do not line up vertically.

I’m either not setting something up right, or it might be a bug.

camilghircoias Nov 4, 2010 at 4:49 PM 
I couldn't test further because of this error. The ideea it is that some of vfp dev use formsets....
In rest, it looks nice the pem editor, a little bit too "noisy" at my taste as there are a lot of controls into a small space and need some time to feel it.

JimRNelson Nov 4, 2010 at 2:19 AM 
Camil --

PEM Editor has not been tested much on formsets, as far as I know. I have never used or created one. I will see what I can do about the problem you have reported.

Are there other errors you get, when you are not using the treeview?

Jim Nelson

camilghircoias Nov 2, 2010 at 1:05 PM 

Having installed pem editor after a while, and gives errors when dealing with formsets.

That was a problem also some time ago, and i was not able to use it.

When clicking a control from the treeview get this error :

Window INP has not been defined, where inp it is the name of the form set.

Camil Ghircoias

rktaxali Dec 3, 2009 at 3:35 PM 
Tried PEM Editor 5 on VFP 8.
Good Editor:
One Issue (Bug): When I double-click on a property, often the Value box does not refresh until I click in the Value box. (Sometimes it refreshes if the value for the previous property was 'non editable' and that for the now double-clicked one is editable.

kwesterlund Nov 19, 2009 at 6:48 PM 
Fantastic! Each version is getting better with more and more features.

I love the copy function, simply unbelievable. It took a while to find it though ; )

Thanks for making my job easier.

kknorr Nov 18, 2009 at 10:44 PM 
Jim I just got a Win 7 machine and installed vfp9 sp2 on it. I installed Pem Editor 5.0 and found it will not run because its using msxml2.domdocument.4.0. I have version 5 and 6 installed on this machine. can you change code to use the latest version.


JimRNelson Nov 2, 2009 at 3:54 AM 
Celia --

Thanks for the kind words. As for your comments:

(1) Actually, PEM Editor never sets the cursor to the Hour Glass -- VFP is doing that. I agree, quite annoying. It has been corrected (after much pain) on a few of the most frequently used objects. (This only occurs in SP2, to my knowledge)

(2) The filters in PEM Editor are in fact filters on a cursor -- as you may know, the scrollbar does not behave well on a filtered cursor. This has been there since I started, and I wonder why I don't recall anybody else bringing this up.

Two new things:

(1) You may not be aware that most of the serious features in PEM Editor are found in the right-click context menus. There is a lot more to it than just a few columns. There are actually four context menus:
(1) On the grid
(2) On the "Find" filter
(3) On the combobox (which drops down as a TreeView)
(4) On the TreeView.

(2) I expect to have documentation for PEM Editor available fairly soon -- am hoping before Thanksgving.


Jim Nelson

CeliaBertoia Nov 2, 2009 at 12:41 AM 
I just started using the PEM Editor Version 5. Bravo.

I like the control over the visibility of PEMs that it adds and the extra data columns when compared to the VFP native properties editor.

Here are a couple comments regarding odd behavior I have noticed. Nothing critical – just annoying.

The PEM Editor changes the mouse cursor quite often to the Wait or Hour Glass cursor, but does not change it back until I move the mouse. This behavior gives the false impression that it is still doing something when it is not doing anything. Perhaps a refresh or redraw of the mouse cursor when whatever task is completed will fix this – unless this is FoxPro doing this.

The scrollable list of PEMs and its scroll bar behave rather oddly. It is possible to scroll down until all the rows are above the visible area in the list box. The scroll bar tab size does not reflect the size of the scrolling region correctly. This is more noticeable when Method View is checked. When the amount of rows barely fills the list the scroll bar tab should be nearly full height or the scroll bar should go away altogether. Instead it sticks around or is smaller then it should be allowing scrolling beyond the end of the list. When clicking in the scroll bar above or below the scroll bar tab, the list will jump around unpredictably. Perhaps the scroll range is not being set correctly.

Anyone else notice these behaviors? I’m running XP PRO SP3 fresh and clean dedicated VFP 9.0 SP2 development machine.

Thanks to all for the great tool


JimRNelson Oct 13, 2009 at 7:23 PM 
Jeff --

No problem at all. If you have any more problems, concerns, suggestions, etc, in the future, gimme a call ... uh, message.


jzakula Oct 13, 2009 at 5:38 PM 
Hi Jim,

I did a little fooling around on my current machine and didn't come up with anything definitive. I did put the pem editor on another machine and it worked flawlessly. I am setting up another development machine right now because my current one is a pretty old xp unit, and I have noticed some suspicious behavior in a couple other apps. So, I would chalk it up to winrot at this point. Sorry to throw you a curve.

Jeff Zakula

JimRNelson Sep 30, 2009 at 4:52 PM 
Jeff --

Wow! That's really wacky behavior!! (You get a prize!)

You mentioned earlier that it only happens for some particularly large forms and classes. Is that correct ... for normal sized guys, you have no problem?

I'm sort of at a loss as to what other questions to ask ... hmmm:
What version of VFP are you using?
What version of PEM Editor?
Are any of your debugger windows open? If so, can you try it again with them closed?
Can you try this on a different PC to see if you get the same behaviorr?
Any possibility you could package things up and send my a zip so that I can try it?
Can you try _oPEMEditor.Draw() from the command window when its acting strange?

I think that's all that for now

Jim Nelson

jzakula Sep 30, 2009 at 12:56 AM 
The controls refresh unreliably:
If I open the pemeditor form and click in the grid on the left to view a method, that method's data may or may not refresh in the controls on the right.
If I click on several more methods in the grid the controls on the right will stop refreshing and as often as I click I will continue to see the data for the method where the refreshing stopped.
If I click into the "Name:" textbox, the correct name will then appear for the appropriate method chosen in the grid.
If I click into the "Code:" editbox, I will then see the appropriate code. If I click into the "Description:" editbox, the proper description will appear.
If I click on other controls containing member data they would seem to refresh but the values would obviously change.
If I click the "Current Control" checkbox above the grid I can once again make choices in the grid and see the controls on the right refresh.
When "Current Control" is checked it seems that as many as 5 or 7 choices can be made before the refresh mechanism fails.
Also, sometimes if I wait and click around in the grid long enough the refresh mechanism works for a few more methods.
Sometimes clicking the refresh button at the top of the dialog will force a refresh and sometimes it will not.
Occasionally when the dialog opens the controls in the right panel are not visible.
If I click an editor window behind the right panel and click back into the dialog the controls become visible.
Occasionally unneeded buttons do not disappear from the bottom of the right pane and the buttons appear overlapped.
I have not noticed exactly when this happens yet.
If this doesn't help, let me know what else you might need. The problem isn't a show-stopper. It's just annoying.

Jeff Zakula

JimRNelson Sep 29, 2009 at 8:13 PM 
Boudewin --

Are you having this problem in the class where you have added the method, or in a child class?

I am not able to duplicate the problem when you change the visibility in the class where the property or method is added (custom).

I am, however, able to duplicate this in a child class. If a property or method is inherited, and you try to change the visibility BACK to public, nothing happens. This is not a bug in PEM Editor so much as it as a limitation in what VFP allows -- PEMEditor is just using AddProperty, and that particular combination fails to have any effect.

So, unfortunately, this is not something that can be corrected. (sigh)

Jim Nelson

boudewijn Sep 29, 2009 at 9:09 AM 
Found a little bug.

I added a method and initially made that protected.
For testing purposes I wanted to make it public later on.
It stubbornly kept the method protected. I cannot change it other than to remove the method and add it again as a public method.
The other way around, from public to protected does work.
Once protected you cannot change it back to public, I can make it hidden, and from hidden again protected, but no way I can change it back to public.

Maybe form the next update.

JimRNelson Sep 26, 2009 at 9:17 PM 

Unfortunately, that doesn't help. What you did was to hack the VCX - field Reserved3 is where the names of the custom properties and methods are stored. Anyway, PEMEditor never updates the SCX or VCX; it uses only native VFP functions and methods.

A few questions and suggestions:

(1) Does this always happen, for all forms and classes, and for all customer properties or methods you try to remove? If not, can you please tell me which ones appear to work and which ones fail?

(2) Try doing this with both PEM Editor open and the Property Window. When you remove a custom method (or property) using PEMEditor, is it also removed from the Property Window? When you remove it using Property Window, is it removed when you refresh PEM Editor? In both cases, when you save the class and re-open, is it gone?

(3) Can you please send me a copy of any of your classes that fail so that I can work on them as well?


Jim Nelson

JimRNelson Sep 26, 2009 at 9:08 PM 
JZakula --

What exactly do you mean 'the controls refresh unreliably'? I'll need more specific information than that to be able to try to diagnose your problem.

As far as I know and have encountered, there should be no problem either with the number of subclasses or the number of PEMs. But, we'll see once you tell me more.

Jim Nelson

jzakula Sep 22, 2009 at 8:46 PM 
Hi, I just started using Pem Editor (latest version) and I like it, but I find that with some particularly large classes and forms that I am working with at present, as I click (or arrow) from class to class in the grid, the controls in the right-hand container refresh unreliably. Actually, they more often don't than do. These controls are several subclasses deep (possible effect?), however I think that the issue may arise from the number of pems (150+ methods). Has anyone else encountered similar behavior? Thanks, nice tool!

Skysurfer Sep 17, 2009 at 10:55 PM 
Hi Jim, thanks for your helping. Yesterday I tried to delete aCustom method and, as it always happened to me it was not deleted. Then, just by curiosity I opened the class library as a table and found that in memo field "Reserved3" there was the name of the method I tried to delete preceded by an asterisk and followed by the comments I entered for the method. I deleted that line, then I opened the class and to my surprise the method was gone. Might that give you an idea on wthat is going on?

JimRNelson Sep 11, 2009 at 4:57 PM 
First of all, I'm glad both that you are using the most recent version and that you told me so. (That was going to be my next question).

There is no need to uninstall previous versions, but I suggest you put newer versions in a new folder and re-install. This shouldn't have caused your problem, however.

I'm almost 100% sure that the problem you are experiencing is occurring because of the custom base classes you are using.

One thing I'd like you to try, if you could, would be to try using it on one of the 'normal' base classes -- I think it should work correctly then; I;d be getting howls from all over it weren't.

In the meantime, I have created my own class based on a custom base class, and have been unable to duplicate your problem. I have been able to add both properties and methods, rename them, and change their visibility. When I save the class and re-open it, I have not lost anything -- everything I changed was saved.

Is there any chance you could send me your class library, and specific step by step instructions so that I can attempt to reproduce the problem here?

Jim Nelson

Skysurfer Sep 11, 2009 at 5:23 AM 
Hi Jim. As I said, this bug happened to me since version 3. By the way when I installed version 4.1 I didn't previously uninstalled version 3. Might that be causing the bug? By the way, I always use the Custom base class for my classes and it always happens on them I haven't tried with another base class (this is because the project I'm working on these days is a process with no UI). Another unusual setup I have is that I shared a folder that then I map it as unit K: I have all my projects and classes on that unit`s folders. As you mentioned, I rename, remove or or change visibility, then when I click "Refresh" the removed method apperars, the renamed method is effectively renamed but another method with the old name and in lowercase appears too, and the visibility is not changed. Is there anything I can do to help you/me to reproduce this bug? Oh, I'm using VFP9 SP2 and the last patch that fixes the reports' group header bug on WinXP SP3.

JimRNelson Sep 10, 2009 at 5:51 PM 
Skysurfer --

Thanks for the bug reports.

I must say that I suspect that something very weird is going on for you. Your reports have to do with basic features that have been part of PEM Editor -- well, for as long as I've been working on it. I use those features (except for visibility) every day. I would expect that the others who use it use those same features regularly.

I have just tried duplicating your problems, and cannot. I am able to remove, rename, and change the visibility of custom properties and methods.

So, I'm kind of stumped as to what is causing your problems.

You should be able to make a change, click 'Refresh', and see the effect of the change. Refresh actually recreates the grid based on what is in the Form Designer, and this should be exactly what you see in the Property Window at the same time.

One more thing that comes to mind -- Does this happen on ALL forms and classes you work on? Does it always fail? If not, can you identify any circumstances where it always fails?

Skysurfer Sep 9, 2009 at 6:26 PM 
First of all, thank you for your excellent work. I've used PEM Editor since version 3, and I found several bugs which I name:

- It can't remove custom properties or methods, it is removed from the list, immediately I save the class, then when I re-open it, the property/method still exists. I can't get rid of the method/property.
- It can't change visibility of a class method/property.
- When renaming a method the old method with the old name still exists as well as the new method with the new name, and I can't get rid of the old method.

I guess fixing those bugs is important to make it a better tool than the regular PEM Editor.

thn Sep 3, 2009 at 12:28 PM 
Detected a slight bug
Cannot change Method from "Protected" to "Public"
and thanks again

Koen Aug 18, 2009 at 9:21 AM 
Version 4.10 now works x-times faster than all previous versions. There does not seem to be any serious shortcomings anymore on this usefull application.

thn Jul 26, 2009 at 1:23 PM 
PEM Editor Version 4 is an awfull tool, absolutely fantastic
Thanks a lot for sharing this outstanding work
I encourage every VFP developer to use it

camilghircoias Jul 7, 2009 at 7:15 AM 
I want to report a bug that makes it unusable for me.
I have a formset. Go edit/property dialog and click in the tree combo (up,left)
Receive "parent is not an object error".
It seems the pem editor was not tested on formsets enough.

edyshor Jun 23, 2009 at 2:17 PM 
Could you include in each of the textboxes Lostfocus event something of the likes:
If !Inlist(Lastkey(), 13, 9, 15, 18, 3, 27) And !Mdown() Then
&& ENTER, TAB, Shift+TAB, PgUp, PgDown, ESC
Or at least make it aviable as an option. It's really anoying the fact that the focus jumps to prev/next control when i'm using arrow keys :( - its prety tiresome to change it each and every time i downoad a release.

RGBean944 May 22, 2009 at 9:16 PM 
I notice that when you try to rename a method and that method has a preprocessor #IF based on an an #INCLUDED #DEFINE, you get a 'compile' error, and it blows away the method unless you immediately close the form and don't save the changes. Using VFP 9.0 SP 2 with all Hotfixes (09.00.0000.7423)

fdbozzo May 12, 2009 at 3:34 PM 
I cant see the images, just blank boxes with the X (like when there isn't any image assigned).
I've tried registering the APP in c:\vfpx\PEMEditor directory (with DO <App>), and it appears, but without any images. I've also tried regenerating the APP with the same problem. In design mode can't see any image visually on the grid (just the picture property with the bitmap full path).

What can it be? Any setting? I'm using VFP9 + SP2 (latest) in Windows XP+SP3 spanish.

RCampbell12 Mar 9, 2009 at 10:12 PM 
I entered an item in the issue tracker. An easy-to-reproduce bug related to resizing the PEM Editor form. It is not showing up when I do a search, however. Perhaps it needs to be approved before it is generally available.

JimRNelson Mar 2, 2009 at 4:34 AM 
Response to messages thru Feb. 28. Note that Version 3.01 was releases on Sunday, Feb 22.

(1) Problem having handling of formsets was resolved in 3.01
(2) The missing Help entry in the Property Window has now returned
(3) PEM Editor should be installed in its own folder. When it is installed, it creates a PRG named StartPEMEditor.PRG. These are the only two files that need exist in that folder. (This will change when Version 4 is available).
(4) All the problems with the splitters, clicking on them and trying to move them, have been resolved. Same with the code which bombed referencing "CMDREVERT'
(5) The Preferences form (from the grid's context menu) allows you to indicate whether you want to skip use of _MemberData.

RCampbell12 Feb 14, 2009 at 12:50 PM 
Is there a way to have the system *not* use _MemberData to remember the property/method's case? I'm using Guineu and it does not yet handle _MemberData properly. I guess you're supplying the source and I could change it, but was hoping this was an option somewhere.

VFOX Feb 13, 2009 at 10:55 AM 
For error correction:
1. Open Pemeditor Project
2. Edit Class editpropertycontrols in editproperty.vcx
3. Open Object txtName.Valid event and replace code:
If (Vartype(loObject) = 'O' AND Upper(loObject.Name) = 'CMDREVERT') Or lastkey() = 27
If (Vartype(loObject) = 'O' AND TYPE("loObject.Name") = 'C' AND Upper(loObject.Name) = 'CMDREVERT') Or lastkey() = 27
4. Build project to app

VFOX Feb 13, 2009 at 10:44 AM 
Bug report:
1. Environment: Windows XP + SP3, Visual FoxPro 9.0 + SP1
2. Open any object for edit
3. New Method (or New Property)
4. In PEM Editor drag any splitter pointer (5 dots) and ...Ops.. Program Error: Property NAME is not found.

edyshor Feb 12, 2009 at 4:05 PM 
a few bugs & anoyances, - after i've newlly installed vfp9 + sp2 + PEM Editor and running FoxTabs also (don't know if it matters)
on a tipical form created from a custom class, i click on add new method in Fom menu and it shows the PEM Editor, and on tp of it the Standard VFP "New Method" dialog (modal of course). I click on cancel, i close PEM Editor and i click on Fom / NewMethod again, to check if it still happens. It doesn't show the VFP standard New Method dialog this time, but when i click on the splitter bars it thos an error "Property Name is not found" in "txtName.Valid" on the line with "If (Vartype(loObject) = 'O' And Upper(loObject.Name) = 'CMDREVERT') Or ;" It happens aparently at randsom since some tims the splitters works and other time they don't. But it hppens allways afer i type something as method's name in the textbox then click on the horizontal splitter bar.
I kind of dislike the "New Method" approach, i prefered the simple and discrete "New Method / Property dialog replacement" for quick and repetatly insertions of methods and properties without all the overkill the PEM editor brings. For editing a metod/property is the bestever, aside from the bugs mentioned.
I run WinXP SP3 with all updates (if it helps), vfp9sp2, PEM Editor, FoxTabs, BrowserX ..

edyshor Feb 12, 2009 at 1:46 PM 
could you pack 2 zip files for download, one as it is (with sourcecode) and another onewithout the source?
i love it, but in his version i cand't find anywere wha files are truly needed and what aren't so i'll have to find fo myself, but i would have wished to skip the try&error :)

cmtrmstr Jan 29, 2009 at 7:24 AM 
It is not for Formset control, and how can i uninstall Ver 3.0 and back to default one

RCampbell12 Jan 16, 2009 at 1:33 PM 
Since installing (actually I believe this started with v2.0), I have lost the Help entry in the context menu when I right click a PEM in the Properties window in VFP. I can still get to help other ways, of course, but I'd like to get that Help entry back in the menu. I really like v2.0 and look forward to installing v3.0 soon.

camilghircoias Jan 14, 2009 at 12:32 PM 
It seems not to work on properties added to a formset. It does not show them.