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New Thor Repository Tools / Version 14

Tool Description Updated Video
Super Browse Browse current table in a grid, showing table structure.  You can then select fields and construct various SQL statements (Select, Insert, Create Table, etc.).  This is a tool worthy of its own home page.  Click here. 2012/01/28  
Wrap text with With / EndWith Wrap highlighted text with With / EndWith 2012/01/28  
Remove blank lines Removes all blank lines from the current code window 2012/01/28  
Go To Include File Opens the include file for the form or class being editres 2012/01/28  
“View Definition” uses “Go To Definition” Modifies the right-click context menu for a code window so that selecting ‘View Definition’ causes ‘Go To Definition’ to run.  Must be run once per session. 2012/01/28  
“Insert Into” from cursor Pops up form which allows selection of fields from current table and creates an ‘Insert Into’ statement in the clipboard. 2012/01/28  
Messagebox Wizard Pops up form for creating calls to MessageBox.

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