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GoFish Backup Feature

Page Contents:

    • Default Backups
    • Custom Backups


Default Backups

When performing code replace operations with GoFish, the option to create backups is turned on by default. For each file in which a replace occurs, the file(s) will be backed up in a folder named “GoFishBackups” in the Home(7) folder. Each backup operation is I assigned a unique ID, and that ID is used as a folder name where the backed up files are stored. You can access the backup folder easily by clicking on the Open Folder button from the Backups tab of the Options Form.






Backups folder as seen in Windows Explorer:




Custom Backups

If you wish to override the default backup behavior, you can write your own ‘GoFish_Backup.PRG’ file (located anywhere in the current path setting) which will be called instead, and you can handle the backups in you preferred way. If you go this route, *YOU* are fully responsible for every details about copying over the files to your destination! You can find a sample backup prg in the Samples folder of the source code. The sample PRG contains a copy of the exact code that is used within the

Remember, your custom GoFish_Backup.PRG file must be located in the VFP path in order to be found by GoFish. The default backup routine will not be called if a custom one is found.

Here is the calling code so you can see how your PRG will be called:


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