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megaphone.png Get the Word Out!

          A few ideas for promoting the VFPX initiative and its stated goals.


During the 2007 conference season Rick Schummer presented a session called "VFPX Tools and Components - Live." During the session he asked how many people have heard of VFPX? Unfortunately, only 10 to 15 percent of the audience raised their hand.

This revelation should not be a big surprise since it is estimated that only 10 to 15 percent of Visual FoxPro developers have some online presence in the various forums or community sites, read blogs, or attend conferences.

So we need ideas and implement some marketing for this project so more VFP developers get turned on to VFPX.

Here are some proposed ideas:
  • Get VFPX linked on the Microsoft VFP Web site (in the works)
  • Get more topics set up on Steven Black's FoxPro Wiki (in the works)
  • Get more conference sessions for VFPX topics
  • Create some Camtasia screencasts for the different VFPX projects
  • "Tell-a-VFP-Friend" campaign to spread the word
  • Get Fox User Groups involved via presentations to the groups
  • Get the talk going on blogs
  • Add Appropriate tags to existing VFPX page to increase search hits
  • Administrator and/or Project Manager interviews on The FoxShow podcast
  • Posts about the projects and releases on, and various Fox forums and list servers

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