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FoxCharts is a subclass of the ImageCanvas class from GdiPlusX here on VFPX. It allows VFP developers to directly draw in an image object.

Project Manager is Cesar, who can be reached at: vfpimaging {-at-} hotmail {dot-here} com

Goals of FoxCharts:
- Create good looking and modern charts in pure VFP code
- NO ActiveX components
- Easy to setup
- Easy to customize
- Easy to save to disk or print
- Open Source
- Benefit from all the GdiPlusX drawing capabilities, allowing users to modify the charts the way they like
- Save as EMF, resulting in perfect charts when printed in VFP reports

Visual FoxPro 9 and the GdiPlusX library from VFPX

Currently available:
Bars, Lines, Area, Pie and Donut charts, in various color variations, using gradients, custom colors, basic and random colors.
Titles, subtitles and legends

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