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ssClasses Alpha 1.0

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Released: Dec 13, 2012
Updated: Dec 13, 2012 by sandstorm36
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Release Notes

This is a collection of some of my classes I created and is being used by me and some VFP developers. This is not the complete library though because I still have to transfer ssButton and ssTitleBar from my old sandstorm36 library to this one. In the meantime, you can start enjoying ssClasses library.

Included in this release are:
  • ssAnchorSizer - while Anchor property allows us to resize objects inside our form, anchor leaves behind the insides of a grid, listbox and combobox on its original sizes. This class will fix that.
  • ssButton3 - ssButton is done inside my old sandstorm36 library. And then I decided to transfer that to ssClasses library so it became ssButton2. Then I created this one so it became ssButton3. However, I removed ssButton2 in the meantime because that is still dependent on for the images. So for this release we will start with ssButton3.
  • ssButton4 - ssButton3 and 4 are almost the same. These are patterned after a button in MSO2007 where the button is curved. The main difference between 3 & 4 is that 3 starts with gray and changes color on mouse enter. 4, however, already starts with the color you have set albeit a lighter tone. On mouse enter, color becomes a little bit darker.
  • ssClose & ssClose2 - just a small image that will auto-position itself on the top leftmost portion of your form, will remove the native titlebar and allows you to drag the form. Nothing much fancy. The reason for its creation is because I use screen on my end and I find looking at screen's titlebar and then my form's titlebar, one on top of each other, annoying.
  • ssClose3 - new look, can be positioned on 4 corners of the form.
  • ssContainer2 - is a container with several features. Just see for yourselves
  • ssDropCalc - is a dropdown calculator. Can also be used in grids
  • ssEditBox - is a dropdown editbox. Can also be used in grids
  • ssExcelPivot - is a button class with popup (for creating pivot report on the ply via drag and drop) or none that can generate excel pivot reports with ease in a lot of ways
  • ssGridLock - is a class that allows you to put a lock on columns of the grid with not much coding on your end
  • ssMonthCal - is a monthly calendar class made from pure shapes. Have 7 colors to choose from
  • ssSwitch - is a replacement of the native checkbox. It is a switch which means there is an ON and OFF status. Comes with 18 looks.
  • ssOptSwitch - is a replacement of the native optiongroup. It is actually 12 switches placed inside a container and is manipulated. Also comes with 18 looks.
  • ssPolyClock - is a clock running on polypoints. Comes with 10 skins. Special thanks to my cousin Glen Villar for this.
  • ssTab - is a tab with new looks. An icon can also be added in every tabs.
  • ssTextbox - is a textbox with curvature. Other features include changing bordercolor on focus, an optional marker shown on right, etc.
  • ssTitleBar2 - is a titlebar of my own design which changes color on the ply. It also have some added features and is made entirely with shapes
  • ssToExcel2 - is another easy way to transfer your cursor into excel with headings and formattings.

Other class that are currently still part of the old sandstorm36 will be added in the future here. But for me to do that, I have to embed the images those used inside the class because what makes ssClasses different from sandstorm36 library is the former is self-supporting while the latter is still dependent on I also created.

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