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FoxCharts v1.46 Beta

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Released: Apr 3, 2014
Updated: May 2, 2017 by DougHennig
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Application FoxCharts v1.46.1 Beta
application, 4814K, uploaded Apr 7, 2014 - 8630 downloads

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Application FoxCharts v1.43 Beta
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Release Notes

Note: this project has moved to GitHub:

Download the latest STABLE release of FoxCharts and Documentation

FoxCharts Home Page

New features:
  • Introduced new Bar Types: Cone, Conoid, Pyramid and truncated pyramid (Frustum).
  • Introduced new Brush Types: HatchBrush Color, Textures Brush
  • Right-clicking on the SideLegends in the chart, can call a new form that allows you to interactively apply changes to the way the side legends appear. You can change the Legend positions, colors, and other character formatting.

New properties:
  • "GradientShapeDirection" - Numeric, determines the Gradient Brush direction (0-3).
  • "GradientVertCount" and "GradientHorCount" - Numeric, determines the Shape Gradient Brush stripes count (vertical and horizontal)

Fix in "". The distributed version avoids some bugs due to LOCAL variables declarations inside TRY/CATCH. May work faster in local net.

Since this new version brings several modifications, the new and current Beta version is a subclass of the original and latest FoxCharts version v1.37. The new class is at the "Sources" folder, named "FoxChartsBeta.vcx".

All new samples, the ones tht will benefit from the newest features will be stored in the "SamplesBeta" folder

Start playing with the form "ChartsSample_ArrowsInLegend.scx".
- Change the spinner values to see the new charts available
- Click on the Side Legends, to see cool stripes
- Right-click the over the SideLegends to call the new SideLegends form, and play with the new possibilities!

Info for version 1.42 ALPHA
- all objects of chart react on mousemove showing its contour
- all objects have their own form to adjust. Just Right Click on them.
- Right click on chart (not on objects) will call form to adjust common properties
- For ChartType=3 (single type) one can see arrows that show values o​f the increments
- Title and subtitle can use chr(13)+chr(10) inside
- One can store properties in memo field of file ChartsList.
- Shape legend changed

Info for version 1.43 ALPHA
- New chart object- Comment. You can add new comment, edit and delete it(right click). As well as drag and drop existing comments object on chart.
- Start form Chartssamplev14x.scx from project. This is sample for all v.4x versions features.

Info for version 1.43 BETA
- Fixed bugs
- OO Writer report

Info for version 1.44 Beta
New form charts_rowchange.scx demonstrates generating charts on AfterRowColChange event of grid.
Simple form ChartExport.scx demonstrates calls ChartExport.prg that send Chart image to Clipboard, MS Excel, MS Word, OO Writer and just to printer with no form at all.
Read comments inside this ChartExport.prg

Info for version 1.45
New form ChartsMovie shows charts speed for different properties
Info for version 1.45.2
Multi BarChart.
Collection Fields has new property Bartype. Look form AfterRowColChange.
Info for version 1.45.3
New propery "News". Form Chartssamplev14x start with Form.foxcharts1.News = .F.
If you change any property News become = .T.
Checking GetChartProperties(3, .F. ) to be empty gives the same result as News=.F.

Info for version 1.46 Beta
New form chartssamplesv14x stands for calling forms of versions 1.4x
New property "Sleep" - logical. When Sleep=.T. prevents unnecessary calling DrawChart (like Resize method).
Form charts_rowchange.scx shows way to animated changing charts

Info for version 1.46.1 Beta
Now 3 1.4x sample forms include button "Form objects" (left top side) to look all form objects and their properties, methods and events.
Object Shapes includes non visual auxiliary objects - one for each shape on canvas.
You can use this objects in your programs.

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