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ProjectHookX added to VFPX

Topics: Press Release
Oct 8, 2009 at 7:13 PM

It is my distinct pleasure to announce that ProjectHookX is officially a new project on VFPX and Toni M. Feltman is the project manager.

ProjectHookX is a long-time public domain tool developed by Toni with the expressed design of allowing multiple projecthooks to be assigned to a project. Projecthooks allow you to write code that respond to events fired as you interact with the Visual FoxPro Project Manager. The Microsoft design is one projecthook per project, which forces developers to create inflexible monolithic projecthooks. ProjectHookX uses a registration table and the flexible hook pattern to link multiple projecthooks together. Using ProjectHookX, you can leverage other developer projecthooks with your own projecthook.

The code and release information will be sorted out soon by Toni. If you want to be involved in working on this project in any capacity please contact Toni: ToniFeltman AT F1Tech DOT com

Thanks Toni!