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Drivers and steps needed to push VFP data into SQL Server 2016

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Mar 29 at 10:11 PM
New member here. My client wants to delete the data from seven SQL Server 2016 tables every night at 4 am and insert data from corresponding VFP tables. Ideally, all the work gets done of the VFP side, as opposed to creating a stored procedure in SQL Server. In VFP, I've already written a form with a timer object, along with the SQL SELECT statements to grab the data that needs to be pushed across.

I'm not sure what do do after that. Do I need to find an ODBC driver that allows VFP to manipulate the SQL Server table data? Do I need to execute the SQLStringConnect() and SQLEXEC() from the VFP form?
Mar 31 at 3:34 PM
Hi Dean.

Welcome to VFPX! One thing I should point out is that VFPX is intended to be a site for open-source VFP projects, not a general support forum. There are a couple of places you could post your question: or

That being said, using SQLSTRINGCONNECT() with the SQL Server driver and SQLEXEC() would be the way to go.