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Should I put Thor in Git?

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Nov 20, 2015 at 7:18 PM
I am brand new to both Thor and Git, so I have not figured out best practices for either.

I have two programs that I maintain. One is a west-wind website I store under c:\wconnect
The other is a desktop application stored under c:\carpet
Since most everything I do is in the Carpet project, every file that application uses is under some sub-directory under c:\carpet.

I installed thor as c:\carpet\thor.
I have set up one repository for the wconnect and one for the carpet directory.

Initially, I included thor as part of the carpet repository but all of the updated files cluttered the push/pull/merge process so I removed it. But now that I am using some of the applications in Thor as code in my projects, I am rethinking that decision.

Any advice anyone could provide is greatly appreciated!
Dec 1, 2015 at 7:22 AM
Hi Eddie,

I don't think you should put Thor in Git, but only your project files.
You even can use a gitignore file so you can tell git that should only "see" certain files, ignoring all the rest.
In example, you can ignore "all files" excetp the files you certainly want to be included in the project, so you can have files (ie: test files or the like) that git will ignore, allowing you to test inside the same development directory.

Look at this, and specially at "!" prefix:

Best Regards.-