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Undocumented and Underdocumented Functions/Commands

Jun 25, 2014 at 7:07 PM
For the next help update to the help file:

MESSAGEBOX() -- 4096 accepted as a second parameter. See
CLEAR DEBUGGER -- alternative to CLEAR DEBUG. See
CLOSE PRINTER -- See Note: Untested.
SET UDFPARMS -- The "TO" clause is not required. See
SYS(1029) -- Displays Foxpro 2.6 menuing system. See
SYS(1079) -- Displays VFP's crash dialog. See
SYS(1101) -- Returns the same thing as SYS(3050, 1). See
SYS(2027) -- Returns LOWER(FULLPATH()). See
SYS(2701) -- Related to the iAccessability interface. See
SYS(3094) -- Seems to return the same value as SYS(3095). See
SYS(989) -- Does some interesting things with the debugger. See
SYS(999, n) -- Brings up internal VFP dialogs. See
MODIFY CLASS -- IN WINDOW clause undocumented. See
MODIFY COMMAND -- IN MACDESKTOP clause undocumented (and useful!) See