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VFPX Deployment Project

Topics: General, Bug Information
Mar 10, 2008 at 11:32 AM
Rick S: There is a project proposal in the works for "VFPX Deployment", but it needs to be flushed out spec wise. Some of the issues are huge, like how do you manage a single installer for all the projects and how do you schedule the releases when there is work going on at various rates for any of the projects. Not an easy problem to solve. Even with XSource you could have a dozen or more APPs and all the work going on for any of them.

BinaryBo: This sounds like a lot of work and could make it more restrictive. (Scheduled releases vs. instant updates) Especially when a lot of the projects are not very active. I can see where it would make it easier for someone to grab everything by having a single installer, but I wouldn't want to download the whole thing just to get a patch for GDIPlusX. I also would not want to force an update on one library I've already tested just to get an update on another library that I need.

Mar 10, 2008 at 11:35 AM
I agree that a deployment tool does not need to get run for every little patch BUT I think for the purpose of getting the power of the entire VFPX project it would be useful.

I just used the CodePlex Client (command line) and while I didn't really want to download ALL of the source, I was really happy it did so I could get caught up on all the other projects.

So my thought on this would be to:

a) have a single installer that would let you select what components you wanted to install
b) have it rebuild every x months so that it included the latest stuff but would still allow users to download incremental patches


c) could it be built smart so that it would download latest releases automatically?
Mar 10, 2008 at 11:39 AM
Another idea might be for new releases to be announced on I don't use it so much WITHIN VFP but I do subscribe in my RSS reader.
Mar 18, 2008 at 8:52 AM
This idea of a VFPX installer brings more benefit to those who are new to or evaluating VFP than experience VFP developers. The installer will allow them to easily download a full set of VFPX extensions PLUS samples of how to use them similar to the Solutions project come with VFP. This allows them to realize the power of VFP with minimal hassle. We don't have to keep the installers up-to-date with the latest versions/patches of all the VFPX projects. Rebuilding the installer say every 6 months sounds good enough.

Also it would be great to have a standard way to install the individual projects, say to a standard location, that will help to promote a consistent coding style across different VFPX projects and will pay off in the long run especially when more and more VFPX projects pop up...