uppercase to lowercase

Hello, in attachment you can find a sc2 file: convert it with "prg to bin" take a backup of the sc2 file (copy it) after that, convert the form back from "bin to prg" After that, when I compar...

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Foxchart Multiple Chart 3 and 5 double axis

Hi, i'm alan I'm newbe use foxchart. i'v try latest version 1.4x now i'v try double axis multichart with value (like picture on attachment) but now i want to add percentage on that chart is that po...

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Code Analyst: add rule for parameters length

This describes a cause of buffer overrun errors: https://vfpx.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=Thor%20TWEeT%2023 This would be a good rule to add to Code Analyst.

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Themed Controls

I am trying to run themed controls on our server - Windows server 2008 R2. Everything runs well on the dev machines, but on the server it will not run (Dev machines - Windows 7 x64 & Windows XP) T...

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FoxCharts: Allow multiple charts of type 8 with one of type 5

I have already seen that is possible to create many type of chart in the same graphic. But I already tried to have multiple charts of type 8 with just one of type 5 with no lock.

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GDIPlusX - DashPattern

Hi Folks! Every time I type in the following line ``` __do Locfile("System.app") _Screen.system.drawing.pen.dashpattern( __the following error message occurs "GDIPlusError.OutOfMemory" Please te...

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Thor Go To Definition and Reports

Apparently Go To Definition can't find Reports. Can it be made to do so? Thanks, Matthew

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FoxTabs 1.2 Run at Startup by Thor does not tab

The new version of FoxTabs does not create new tabs for the windows that I open if I have Thor set to Run FoxTabs at startup. I have to go to Thor Tools -> Applications -> FoxTabs to get it to give...

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Foxchart memory error

I'm running a report that includes calculations, data based on tables and graphs. I'm running it hundreds of times in a row to generate reports for multiple entities. Many times, at about the same ...

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VFP9 SP2 Help File : REPLACE FieldName1 WITH eExpression1 ... FieldName128 WITH eExpression128

I had a bug where a REPLACE command was giving a syntax error message. Thanks to input from the UniversalThread we discovered that REPLACE has an undocumented limit of 128 parameters. Please add a...

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