index problem

hi i have problem with dbf file that the CDX file which is the index file for the table is courpted and i received this message when i try to open the program that i have index does not match th...

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vfp2c32 RegistryHiveToObject

Hi, the function registryHiveToObject says that "If the value name starts with a digit an underscore (_) is prepended" but the first character is instead being replaced. To reproduce: o=CREATEOBJ...

Id #43453 | Release: VFP2C32 | Updated: Jul 15 at 6:36 AM by mplazac | Created: Jul 15 at 6:36 AM by mplazac

Foxchart error in graphtype 16

Hello, Using the graphtype 16, I have an error when a record have all the values = 0. This does not happend in other graph types. Message: GdiPlusError: ValueOverflow. From xfcgraphics.setstatus ...

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Latest Release of VFP2C32 Doesn't have InitVfp2C32 Method

When i try to run examples, error occurred due to initvfpc32 method not found. Display Status didn't show that method name. is really bug or i missing something with newer release.

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FoxChart retrieve data from temp tables

hello everyone i am facing a problem while putting the .SourceAlias = "i put the temp table name here.." so is it possible to retrieve data from temp tables or i must take it from a normal table ...

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DynamicForm: support for save/cancel font and heading label class

Hi Matt. I made a couple of changes to my copy of DynamicForm.prg that I thought you might want to know about. The first allows you to specify the fontname for the save and cancel buttons, since...

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Error in Thor_proc_repository_foxrefpatch Nesting level

Error msg: "Allowed DO nesting or expression evaluation level exceeded." Program: Thor_proc_repository_foxrefpatch Line is next to last one in module: Do (_Screen.cOldFoxRefValue) with M.tuPara ...

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FoxUnit 1.51 Test Refresh

I'm noticing that the list of tests isn't updating when I add tests.

Id #43287 | Release: FoxUnit 1.6 | Updated: Sep 21 at 11:15 PM by eselje | Created: Nov 5, 2015 at 7:07 PM by eselje

SSClasses issues

Hi Jun. I worked around a few issues I found in SSClasses. SSSwitch.shpFocus.Click: *** DH 2015-09-11: handle control source being an object property * If !Empty(This.Parent.ControlSource) ...

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Errors Updating VFPX

This has existed for some time during my updates of VFPX in Visual FoxPro. I always during the update get these errors: Variable 'DISABLED' is not found and Operator/operand type mismatch ...

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