DynamicForm: couple of changes

Hi Matt. I made a couple of changes to my copy of DynamicForm I thought I'd let you know about. I'm using DynamicForm in one case to not render a form but to render different pages of a pagefram...

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FoxCharts and Windows 8 or 10

We have just started using FoxCharts v1.37b ALPHA with Visual Foxpro 9.0 SP2 to create some simple graphs, and it is beautiful and works fine in Windows 7. The problem is that it only shows a box ...

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index problem

hi i have problem with dbf file that the CDX file which is the index file for the table is courpted and i received this message when i try to open the program that i have index does not match th...

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vfp2c32 RegistryHiveToObject

Hi, the function registryHiveToObject says that "If the value name starts with a digit an underscore (_) is prepended" but the first character is instead being replaced. To reproduce: o=CREATEOBJ...

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Foxchart error in graphtype 16

Hello, Using the graphtype 16, I have an error when a record have all the values = 0. This does not happend in other graph types. Message: GdiPlusError: ValueOverflow. From xfcgraphics.setstatus ...

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Latest Release of VFP2C32 Doesn't have InitVfp2C32 Method

When i try to run examples, error occurred due to initvfpc32 method not found. Display Status didn't show that method name. is really bug or i missing something with newer release.

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FoxChart retrieve data from temp tables

hello everyone i am facing a problem while putting the .SourceAlias = "i put the temp table name here.." so is it possible to retrieve data from temp tables or i must take it from a normal table ...

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DynamicForm: support for save/cancel font and heading label class

Hi Matt. I made a couple of changes to my copy of DynamicForm.prg that I thought you might want to know about. The first allows you to specify the fontname for the save and cancel buttons, since...

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Error in Thor_proc_repository_foxrefpatch Nesting level

Error msg: "Allowed DO nesting or expression evaluation level exceeded." Program: Thor_proc_repository_foxrefpatch Line is next to last one in module: Do (_Screen.cOldFoxRefValue) with M.tuPara ...

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FoxUnit 1.51 Test Refresh

I'm noticing that the list of tests isn't updating when I add tests.

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