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SQL Server Connectivity Issue

From Visual FoxPro 9 , I am trying to connect SQL Server and doing some CRUD action. It is working fine in some client , while not working in other client. I have checked following :- 1) Most of ...

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Multi-line search results

GoFish 5. Did a search on a string. Result line appears one time in a form's method code, yet that line is listed 16 times (!) in the result list. All entries appear to be dups except for the Times...

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SET PATH missing from helpfile Index

I think the subject says it all - SET PATH is missing from the help file's index. It's in the help file itself and can be found via Search.

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Help file display question

What has caused my Help File to change its display font and stop showing "Remarks", "See Also", etc. properly? The attached screenshot shows an example.

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VFP2C32 - Function INITVP2C32 does not exist

Hi: When trying to execute some of the examples, I get an error because this initialization function does not exist. In example, the program "async.prg" starts with this: #INCLUDE "vfp2c.h" CD (FU...

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Missing wiki page: VFP 9 SP2 Hotfix 3

Hello, The documentation on the following page seems to be missing:

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FoxbarcodeQR to encode Hindi text

Dear All, I am using FoxbarcodeQR to generate QRCodes it is not encoding hindi can anyone help please. Example is given below. I have to encode 4 fields into the qr code sample is given below: Nam...

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DynamicForm: couple of changes

Hi Matt. I made a couple of changes to my copy of DynamicForm I thought I'd let you know about. I'm using DynamicForm in one case to not render a form but to render different pages of a pagefram...

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FoxCharts and Windows 8 or 10

We have just started using FoxCharts v1.37b ALPHA with Visual Foxpro 9.0 SP2 to create some simple graphs, and it is beautiful and works fine in Windows 7. The problem is that it only shows a box ...

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index problem

hi i have problem with dbf file that the CDX file which is the index file for the table is courpted and i received this message when i try to open the program that i have index does not match th...

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