sorting of "OBJECTDATA"

Hello, even when there are no new objects added on some forms, the foxbin2prg program changes the order of the "objectdata" components (see attachment: left = old (before code change) / right = ne...

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Thor Go To Definition and Reports

Apparently Go To Definition can't find Reports. Can it be made to do so? Thanks, Matthew

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FoxTabs 1.2 Run at Startup by Thor does not tab

The new version of FoxTabs does not create new tabs for the windows that I open if I have Thor set to Run FoxTabs at startup. I have to go to Thor Tools -> Applications -> FoxTabs to get it to give...

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Foxchart memory error

I'm running a report that includes calculations, data based on tables and graphs. I'm running it hundreds of times in a row to generate reports for multiple entities. Many times, at about the same ...

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VFP9 SP2 Help File : REPLACE FieldName1 WITH eExpression1 ... FieldName128 WITH eExpression128

I had a bug where a REPLACE command was giving a syntax error message. Thanks to input from the UniversalThread we discovered that REPLACE has an undocumented limit of 128 parameters. Please add a...

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FoxCharts bug (_chartCanvas.Init: This.RenderMode = 1)

This.RenderMode = 1 in _chartCanvas.Init requires _screen.System which does not exist under certain circumstances. Please fix it here or rather in GDIPlusX.CreateOSB. TIA Pavel

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ExcelXML slowing down

I have a very large amount of data (14,569 records) to be exported. 182 records per the time it ends it is around 43 records per second. Anyone else experiencing this huge slow down wit...

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Thor tableschema issues

In the absence of relations in datаbase error occurs in line 237

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FoxCharts type 11 and 12 axis captions don't switch

Hi there I was trying out FoxCharts and have it working very well. I also copied over the spinner from the examples to change chart types on the fly. So uptil chart type 11 things are fine but a...

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Microsoft Visual FoxPro A FoxcodePlus error has occured. Press CTRL+C to copy this error or send the file foxcodeplus.err to the author. FoxcodePlus version: Beta 3.13.2 OS version: Windows 6...

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