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SQL Server Connectivity Issue


From Visual FoxPro 9 , I am trying to connect SQL Server and doing some CRUD action. It is working fine in some client , while not working in other client.
I have checked following :-

1) Most of client with Window XP/WIndow 7 Ulitimate can connect well. Only some client are not working .
2) Through ODBC, OLE Db conectivity is ok , (Means no firewall issue in client)

Server side configuration:-
OS - Window Server 2012 R2
SQL - SQL Server 2014 express edition

Error getting when trying to connect :-
[Microsoft] [ODBC SQL SERVER DRIVER] [TCP/IP SOCKETS] Sql server does not exist or access denied.

Any help can be appreciated.



DougHennig wrote Jul 24, 2017 at 6:34 PM

Hi Hardik.

VFPX is not intended as a general Visual FoxPro support forum but rather as a place for open source VFP projects. Also, this site is closing down in a few months and is being replaced by a new VFPX site at

I suggest you post your question on one of the VFP forums, such as Level Extreme (formerly known as the Universal Thread),, or Foxite, Someone there will be sure to answer your question.