How can I register VFP9.0 in windows 10?


I have upgraded from windows XP...So how do register my VFP9 in Windows 10?
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Please use this supportarea only for questions or problems with the tools hosted on here on Codeplex.

For general questions on how to use or install VFP, you'd better go to the usual support forums, like www.Foxite.com, www.UniversalThread.com, forum.dfpug.de or fox.wikis.com.

A complete step-by-step installation guide (although in German, but mayby Google Translator may help) can be found here: http://woody-prolib.blogspot.de/2010/01/vfp9-komplett-installieren.html

But as a shortcut:
a) install the latest runtime-installer VFP9SP2RT.exe
b) then copy your VFP9 folder from your XP to your Win10 machine.
c) Hint: Don't copy into "c:\program files", use anything else like c:\Develop
d) from a administrator commandline, run: vfp9.exe /regserver

That's it, your VFP should be working now.


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