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A status bar class for Visual Foxpro 9.


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Project Manager: Carlos Alloatti

This class provides a Status Bar control that can be used to replace the native VFP9 Status Bar. You can use this statusbar to its full potential, using the progressbar, the panels, setting icons, captions, etc., or you can just drop it into your project and do nothing more than instantiate it at the start of your program, and let it just be a nicer replacement for the native toolbar, without touching the rest of your code at all. You can also drop the class in your main top level form, and enjoy a status bar in your top level form.

All messages shown by the menu options and the StatusBarText property of controls will show in the ctl32_statusbar.


Info, pictures and documentation available here:

vfpxreleasesmall.png Latest Release of Ctl32_StatusBar

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