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home.png VFP MSBuild Target

Integrates Visual FoxPro builds into an automated process.


Project Manager: Alan Stevens

The initial code that has been checked into Source Code Control is totally untested. After discussing the MsBuild concepts with me, Paul Witt did an implementation for use by Team Build in an unattended, automated role. Paul deserves credit for solving the initial issues dealing with modal dialogs created by VFP in automation mode. I tried to strip out everything that pertains to our environment, and remove all external dependencies.

I'll test and document real soon now. ++Alan

The goals for this project are:

* Provide a GUI for including projects/files in a scheduled build, and set their appropriate properties
* Create a VFP build target to be used by the MSBuild engine, the build system found in Visual Studio.

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PaulMrozowski Jan 11, 2007 at 1:30 PM 
You might want to consider looking at a free tool called "MSBuild Sidekick" from here

It has a basic UI that could be used as the interface to the MSBuild file (one less thing to have to do for this project). You could probably get away with creating a template that could be loaded here as a starting point for creating a VFP build file, and/or an automated tool which would export a VFP project into a basic build file (to be useful to most people, this automated export is probably a "must do").