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Using GoFish with Source Code Control

GoFish can open any file from the search results for editing or viewing. If your development environment requires files to be checked out from Source Code Control before editing, then you can instruct GoFish to ask you whether you want to check them out before you open them.

The “Check out files using Source Code Control” feature in GoFish relies on PEM Editor and Thor…

PEM Editor provides a method for opening files for editing which can first ask whether files should be checked out when using Source Code Control.  (Learn more about this Checkout feature here.) This method is made available to any IDE tool by using a method calling feature of Thor.  Thor is a Tool Manager, which, among other great features, also allows FoxPro IDE tools to communicate with each other and share their services.  (GoFish –> Thor –> PEM Editor).

When this feature is enabled in PEM Editor it will also be used by GoFish.

To enable the “Check out files using Source Code Control” go to the IDE Tools menu and choose –> Edit Preferences for IDE Tools




Then, on the Miscellaneous tab, check the Check out files using Source Code Control option:


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