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worker.png Tips For Project Managers

          Tips and guidelines for project managers.


This is a work in progress so feel free to add your own notes or comments that you believe will helpful to other project managers on VFPX
  • Update the Wiki page for your project: Important information to include would be
    • Your name and contact information
    • A brief description of your project
    • Instructions on how to join the project
  • Use 2 different projects: One for distribution and one for source control. If you distribute your source control project, any one who downloads your project for evaluation will get a prompt to log in to source control.
  • Prefix your checkins with the project name: Every checkin is listed under the Source Code tab. It is very helpful to show the project that the checkin applies to.
  • Prefix your work items with the project name: Even though you can filter work items by project. It is nice to see, at a glance, what project the work item belongs to.
  • Prefix your discussion threads with the project name: This allows discussions to be easily identified by project.

Adding images to pages

  • Edit the page
  • Click the Browse button and select an image to upload, then click Add File
  • To use the image in the text, use [image:filename]


Wiki Markup Guide

Sample links:
Wiki markup:
[url:Issue Tracker|../WorkItem/AdvancedList.aspx]
[url:Source Code|../SourceControl/ListDownloadableCommits.aspx]

Issue Tracker
Source Code

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