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Assigning hot keys to tools

You can assign hot keys to tools on the second page (Tool Definitions) of the Thor form.

When you click on a tool, the hot key currently assigned to it appears in the control at the top right of the form. (If there is one already assigned, you can remove it by using the 'Clear' button.)

You can then click on the '...' button to be prompted for the new hot key. A small form will appear, requesting that you press the key combination to be used as the hot key. You can use any combination of Shift, Ctrl, and Alt.

Note that not all key combinations can be captured, and some of them will not be accepted because they are pre-empted by Windows or FoxPro itself (Alt-F10, for instance.)

You also are protected from assigning the same hot key to more than one tool.

To review all hot key assignments, including keyboard macros and On Key Label definitions, see the third page of the form (Hot Key Assignments). You can also change hot key assignments on that page.

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