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Thor TWEeT #2: Set Object Size and Position

This week's Thor TWeeT is Set Object Size and Position.

This tool provides enhanced capabilities to the Format menu pad in the FoxPro system menu, shown here:

Inline image 1

Set Object Size and Position displays a form that includes all of the features from the Format menu, except for Snap to Grid and Set Grid Scale. In addition,

  • there are controls to change the top/left/height/width of the currently selected control(s), either one pixel at a time or by a specified step size.
  • vertical and horizontal spacing may be changed either one pixel at a time or by a specified step size.
  • there's an un-do button to reverse any changes made since the form received focus.

The form's size and position is persistent from one use to another. The form is also dockable, and the six containers re-arrange themselves as the width of the form changes, allowing for various desirable docking combinations. 

Inline image 3

Thanks to Cathy Knight for the concept and design.

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