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Catalog of Thor Repository Tools

Tool Description Updated Video

Code / Highlighted text

Comment highlighted text Improved way to comment highlighted text; also creates comment line with date 2011/06/09  
Un-comment highlighted text Removes comment *!* from each line in the highlighted text. Works in those instances where native VFP uncomment does nothing. 2011/10/22  
Wrap text with IF / ELSE / ENDIF Wrap highlighted text with IF / ELSE / ENDIF 2011/10/22  
Wrap text with Try / Catch Wrap highlighted text with Try / Catch 2011/10/22  
Wrap text with With / EndWith Wrap highlighted text with With / EndWith 2012/01/28  
Change IF/ENDIF in highlighted text to DO CASE Change the IF / ENDIF in the highlighted text to a Do Case / Otherwise / EndCase 2011/10/22  
Break highlighted text Break highlighted text out into a separate line 2011/10/22  
Extract to Constant Extracts the currently highlighted block of code into a new constant (#Define), either at the beginning of code or, for methods, into the Include file.  See also ‘Extract to Method’ in IDE Tools. 2011/10/22  
Extract to Variable Extracts the currently highlighted block of code into a new variable.  See also ‘Extract to Method’ in IDE Tools. 2011/10/22  

Code / Highlighting text

Highlight parameter Highlights a single parameter in a method or function call 2011/10/22  
Highlight parentheses Highlights code between matching parenthesis.  Repeated usage highlights the next outer set of parentheses. 2011/10/22  

Code / Inserting text

Insert blank lines around control structures Adds a blank lines around control structures (IF / ENDIF, DO CASE / ENDCASE, etc.) 2011/10/22  
Insert call to NewObject (from MRU classes) Pops up menu of MRU classes; then pastes in NewObject() references to the selected class 2011/10/22  
Insert color Prompts for color, using GetColor(), and inserts RGB value 2011/07/29  
Insert full name of object under mouse Pastes the full path name of the object under the mouse into the code window. Updated to work correctly when working with a class definition 2011/07/29  
Insert reference to class Inserts a reference to the class that an object belongs to; This.Parent.Parent, etc. 2011/07/29  

Code / MDots

Add MDots to variable names Adds MDots to all references to parameters, locals, and other variables assigned values. 2011/10/22  
Remove MDots from variable names Removes MDots from all references to parameters, locals, and other variables. 2011/10/22  

Code / Misc.

Install enhanced ZLOC Installs an enhanced version of ZLOC, which will cause the pop-up list to also include all variables assigned in code, whether they are in the LOCALs list or not.  Note that this only need be done once, is it updates FoxCode. 2011/10/22  
Modify Class for PRG-based classes Provides a mechanism to convert a PRG based class (with no child objects) into a temporary VCX so that IDE Tools can work on it; and then post back again into the PRG. See Modify class for PRG-based classes. 2011/10/22  
Remove blank lines Removes all blank lines from the current code window 2012/01/28  

Go To ...

Go To ‘Find’ in PEM Editor Sets focus to the ‘Find’ textbox in PEM Editor; opens PEM Editor if it is not already open 2011/10/22  
Go To File Opens a dialog with a filter box to quickly select a file (PRG, SCX, VCX, etc.) from the Active Project 2011/10/22  
Go To Include File Opens the include file for the form or class being editres 2012/01/28  
Go To Method Opens a dialog form to choose a method to view or edit. Allows searching by part of a method name. 2011/06/03  
Go To Object Select the object which the code window belongs to. 2011/07/29  


“View Definition” uses “Go To Definition” Modifies the right-click context menu for a code window so that selecting ‘View Definition’ causes ‘Go To Definition’ to run.  Must be run once per session. 2012/01/28  
Display ClassLibs Display current class libraries in a dialog box, one per line. 2011/06/03  
Display Path Display current path in a dialog box in a dialog box, one per line. 2011/06/03  
HackCX4 from MRU forms or classes HackCX: Pop-up menu to select a form or class (from MRU lists) to be opened with HackCX4 2011/06/03  
Toggle comment colors Toggle colors for comments in edit windows (normal vs. subdued) 2011/06/03  


MRU classes in this project Popup menu of MRU classes in the current project 2011/06/04 (1:56)
MRU files in this project Popup menu of MRU lists for files in the current project 2011/06/04 (1:56)
Open project folder Open an Explorer folder showing the folder of the active project 2011/07/29  


Modify the “Last Revision” comment Sample of finding a specific line in a edit window and modifying it. 2011/07/29  
Wrap text with IF / ENDIF Sample of taking the highlighted text in an edit window, modifying it, and pasting back the replacement. 2011/06/09  


Create SQL from cursor Puts a CREATE CURSOR SQL statement on the clipboard from an open cursor. 2011/06/03  
Schema Print/View the current table's schema 2011/06/08  
Super Browse Browse current table in a grid, showing table structure.  You can then select fields and construct various SQL statements (Select, Insert, Create Table, etc.) 2012/01/28  
WLC Column Listing Utility LIST FIELDS replacement by White Light Computing. 2011/06/03  


Cycle thru Designer windows Cycle thru Form Designer and Class Designer windows 2011/06/03 (3:33)
Move Designer windows to top Move Form and Class Designers to top of screen and align them horizontally. 2011/06/03 (3:33)
Resize Designer Window Resize current Form / Class Designer window to show the entire form or class being edited. 2011/06/03 (3:33)


“Insert Into” from cursor Pops up form which allows selection of fields from current table and creates an ‘Insert Into’ statement in the clipboard 2012/01/28  
Messagebox Wizard Pops up form for creating calls to MessageBox 2012/01/28  

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