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One-Click Updates of Thor

Updates to Thor, the Thor Repository, PEM Editor 7 with IDE Tools, and other tools, as well as all of the projects from VFPXm, are all available through a single menu on the Thor menu (in the FoxPro system menu).  This item, ‘Check for Updates’, checks to see if there are updates available for any of these APPs; if any are found, they are automatically downloaded and installed.


“Check for Updates” begins by determining whether there is a newer version of Thor itself. If so, it displays a message like the following:


It then proceeds to check for updates to all of the other available applications and tools, as shown below.  Note that PEM Editor and the Thor Repository are essential parts of Thor; you should download them immediately and update them any time that they show on the “Check for Updates” form. The items in green on the form are those that have been updated recently


The projects listed in Check For Updates are listed alphabetically within these five groups:

  1. Projects that you have already downloaded for which there is a more current version. (see #4)
  2. Projects that you have not downloaded which have had updates in the last three months
  3. All other projects that you have not downloaded
  4. Projects that you have already downloaded and which are current
  5. All projects marked as “never update”. This takes precedence over any of the other categories.

Where are these updates installed?

If you already have versions of Thor, PEM Editor, or GoFish installed, this update process will replace the installed versions with the newer versions.  You will not lose any work you had already done in the folders for these already installed tools.

If you did not have prior versions installed, then the update process will install them in a subfolder of the Thor folder (Thor\Tools\Apps).

Important Note

The applications that are automatically downloaded as part of ‘Checking for Updates’ are not only downloaded, but they are also installed and ready to run.  There is nothing else you need to do in order to start using them.


Thor is started by running RunThor.PRG, a file that is created as part of the installation process. This file can be copied into any other folder you wish (such as in your path), since it contains an explicit reference to the folder where you installed Thor.

  1. Since this process works best if run right after launching FoxPro, before you begin working and BEFORE opening PEM Editor, and with no other FoxPro sessions running, we recommend that you call RunThor as part of your IDE setup
  2. As Thor continues to evolved there are updates from time to time. We recommend calling RunThor with a parameter of 7 so that “Check For Updates” is run automatically every week.

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mike_wood Oct 9, 2013 at 8:13 PM 
I just downloaded and installed Thor 1.40. When I do a Check for Updates, I never see the Thor Update Status dialog, but the Updates folder is populated with a bunch or prgs. Also when I do a Manage Plug-Ins I get a Program Error messagebox with LOTHORINFO is not an object

JimRNelson Oct 24, 2011 at 11:24 PM 
Eduard --

If you already had PEM Editor or GoFish installed and registered with Thor, the updater will update them where they are already installed. This should be entirely transparent to you. You will not lose anything you had already done with them.

Otherwise, if they are not already registered with Thor, the new versions are installed in a sub-folder of the Thor folder ... Thor\Tools\Apps, to be precise.

In order for the One-Click update to work, you will have to be able to start FoxPro without opening the PEM Editor form, unfortunately. Once it is been opened, we have not been successful in removing it from FoxPro's internal memory so that the new PEMEditor.App can replace the old one.

Finally -- please note that in the main Thor menu there is an item 'Community / Discussions'. Your questions and comments will be best addressed if you use that forum (actually a google group.)



edyshor Oct 23, 2011 at 7:59 PM 
RunThor.prg and StartPEMEditor.prg are executed from my startup program file.
I'm guessing this contradicts your "IMPORTANT NOTE", right ?!

Also i keep and Thor.ap separated in their own folders.
Could you elaborate on how the One-Click Updater works ?!
Does it place the app in Home(0), in Thor's 'Thor' subfolder, or it reads its previous location an places the app there ?
Does it download only the app files or the entire zip (with sources) ?

Jim, i'm very excited about this but i think you should include information on how the update is actually done as this might be an important issue (it is to me) on how it affects a custom environment.

Take my environment for example: I keep nothing (custom) in home(0), I keep configuration files like foxcode.dbf, foxuser.dbf, toolbox.dbf in the folder "c:\dev\vfp\_settings", my IDE tools are placed in "c:\dev\vfp\_tools" and "c:\dev\vfp\_vfpx", and the tools from vfpx are kept with source (the entire contents of the respective downloaded zip files).
So, Thor is in "c:\dev\vfp\_vfpx\Thor\" and it's source in "c:\dev\vfp\_vfpx\Thor\Source" and PEMEditor is in "c:\dev\vfp\_vfpx\PEM Editor Version 7\" with the same structure in the downloaded zip. "RunThor.PRG" and "StartPEMEditor.PRG" are placed in my set('default') which is "c:\dev\vfp".

How will the updater affect my environment in this particular situation ?