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Thor IntellisenseX for the name of a table

If the name preceding the dot is not the alias of an open table or view, IntellisenseX attempts to open a table by that name in order to display the fields from that table.

In the example below, there is no alias ‘LocInventory’ before pressing the dot:


But after pressing the Dot, table ‘LocInventory’ is opened and the list of fields is displayed.


IntellisenseX does not actually open the table itself, but instead calls a Plug-in PRG named PEME_OpenTable to do so. This Plug-In is the same as is used by other Thor Tools, including Super Browse. The default behavior is to try to USE the table name. See PUTLINKHERE

Settings in the Thor configuration form control the order in which the field names are displayed, how capitalization is handled, and whether the field types and widths are displayed.

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