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home.png New Property/New Method Replacement - Version 2.01

Replacement for the native VFP dialog used to create properties and methods.

Download Version 2.01 - Released 2008-12-30

Note: this project has moved to GitHub:

Note that this project no longer includes the Edit Property/Method replacement dialog. That tool has been replaced by the PEM Editor.

New Property and New Method Replacement Dialogs:


One thing many VFP developers have always wanted to do was replace the New Property and New Method dialogs. This project provides that capability.

The benefits of the New Property and New Method replacement dialogs, which was written by Doug Hennig, are:
  • It automatically updates the _MemberData property (adding that property if necessary) so the case entered for the new member is used (even for access and assign methods if they're created as well) and the member is displayed on the Favorites tab if that option is turned on in the dialog.
  • It's non-modal. That means you can keep it open, add some properties or methods, switch to other things, come back, and add some more members.
  • How many times have you accidentally selected the wrong dialog, entered the name and description, only to realize your mistake and have to close the dialog and start all over? With the replacement dialog, you can switch between Method and Property without closing the dialog.
  • It's dockable: try tab-docking it with Properties window.
  • It's resizable and persists its size and position to your resource (FOXUSER) file.
  • It has an Add & Close button to perform both tasks with one click.
  • The default value for a property is automatically set to a value based on the data type of the property if you use Hungarian names. For example, lTest would be logical, so the default value is .F. For nTest, the default is 0.
  • For logical properties (those with a default value of .T. or .F.), turning on the Use Toggle Editor option installs a property editor that allows you to double-click the property in the Properties window to toggle its value.
  • It hides rather than disables non-applicable controls. Since this one dialog is used for both New Property and New Method for both the Class and Form Designers, some options may not be applicable for a given instance.
  • It disallows invalid names when you enter them rather than when you click on Add or Add & Close.
  • The Add buttons are only enabled if a name is entered.

A video is available at that shows this dialog in action.


vfpxreleasesmall.png Latest Release of Property and Method Replacement

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edyshor Feb 15, 2009 at 6:51 PM 
as far as i know it adds them to the active form in the formset, but in some my they even disapeared after a while, and the tool is good, guess the formsets are bad (not just yours, all of them) :)

keza Dec 2, 2008 at 12:26 PM 
Am I missing something, or it is not possible to Add Properties/Methods to formset?

unloco Dec 1, 2008 at 10:54 AM 
just installed it and it looks good. I would like to use it, but unfortunately the names of methods are limited to 60 chars.
Please don't laugh. sometimes we use method names like: calculate_this_and_that_but_not_the_fetch data_from_the_server.....

When i tried it, it cutted of the names.

Does it take long to fix it?

best regards

jstager Nov 13, 2008 at 8:35 PM 
I really like these and I have been using the New Property/Method dialog since switching to VFP 9. Great job guys.

One thing I think would be nice, would be when you add a new method could it automatically pop up a code window so you don't have to go searching for it, to add some code. You probably want to go to that method anyways, right....



JimRNelson Nov 13, 2008 at 11:43 AM 
Thanks, Bill, will be corrected in next release / Jim

billand88 Nov 11, 2008 at 7:01 PM 
Haven't used it in action but it looks good.

First thing I did was open a class and pull it up. I love the resizing and anchoring but you'll need (IMO) to do some work in this area.

After pulling it up, I went to the lower right and expanded the Edit Property/Method dialog. Great! Then I shrank it...and shrank it...and shrank it until it was maybe 40 x 40. It isn't very usable in that size <g>.

What you'll want to do in a later version is allow the dialog to expand but not to contract.

You can handle this by storing the original size to properties on the form and then comparing those values in the Move and Resize events of the form. If the vertical or horizontal size is too small, use the original size (or simply turn off resizing, whatever your preference).

Bill Anderson