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check.png Project Manager Acceptance Outline

          A brief explanation of what the acceptance process entails.


Once a project is accepted into VFPX the project manager will be notified by one of the VFPX Administrators with the good news. The project manager then needs to decided if they really want to move forward and make the project a VFPX project.

Please understand that by making the project a VFPX project the source code for this project, the project managers (and the developers or other owners) are giving up any and all copyrights of the source code and accept the open/shared source licensing dictated by VFPX. This is your last chance to back out, once acceptance is made and the news release and project have been posted to the VFPX site it becomes part of VFPX.

To get the project started the project manager will:
  • Confirm that they want to go ahead with the project.
  • Send the VFPX Administrator the VFPX User ID so they can update your permissions to Project Manager on the VFPX website.
  • Send the VFPX Administrator an email address to includ in the news release so developers who are interested in joining the project can use it to make contact. If you'd rather not use email, start a thread in the message forum and manage it from there.
  • The VFPX Administrator will create a news release about the project on the VFPX/SednaX Web site shortly after they get the above information from the project manager and will create a project message forum.
  • The project manager uploads the source code for the project to the Downloads page and post any messages in the message forum (for example, describing what the project is about and welcoming interested participants).

It is up to the project manager to determine the resource needs, who is working on the project, who is working on what aspects of the project,
and how to manage the source code control and releases. If the project manager needs any advice or want to bounce ideas off someone outside of the immediate team, please feel free to ask any of the VFPX Administrators.

Each project manager is provided detailed contact information to contact the VFPX Administrators and some information to work with CodePlex (the site where VFPX is hosted).

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