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PlasticSCM – Adding an existing VFP project

Before adding a project you need to normalize the capitalization, so right-click the root folder of the project and chose “Send To” > “Normalize_Filenames”, and all files will be capitalized (names maintain their caps, and extensions are converted to lower case)
Next step is to generate all the tx2 files for the project, so right-click again the root folder of the project and chose “Send To” > “Convert_VFP9_BIN_2_PRG”

Creating de ignore.conf file

This config file is used to filter unwanted files that are not useful into the SCM. You can create this file on the workspace root (project root dir) with at least this content:


Before adding the readme.txt to source control, verify the capitalization, and then add it in:


Once added, change to “Pending Changes” view, verify that the file is there, and then checkin:


Once the file is checked in, you can see the new “changeset” created in the “Branch Explorer” view:


Now you can add all the project files to the source control tool, using the “Items” view on Plastic GUI, the faster way is choosing directories (forms, classes, bitmaps, etc) with “add directory tree to source control”.

Note: I don’t recommend adding data tables, because they can use too much space, but you can checkin the db2 and dc2 files that have the structure info of them created by FoxBin2Prg.

Before adding files to source control, verify the capitalization, and then add them in:




Once files are added, change to “Pending Changes” view, verify that all wanted files are there, and then checkin:


Once files are checked in, you can see the new “changeset” created in the “Branch Explorer” view:


You can add more files, directories or extensions if you need, using the Plastic GUI (right click a file or folder on “Items” view and see the options)

Now is a good time to label this release as “v1_0” (adapt to your current version), so right-click the last changeset, choose “Label this changeset” and put “v1_0”:


Congratulations! Your project is under source control and versioned! :-)


In the case that you plan to sync your project to GitHub, for the first changeset (first checkin) you need to add only the readme.txt file!, and on next checkin you can add the rest of the project files. This is a requirement of Git, not a Plastic one, because the first file is what is shown on the top page on GitHub as presentation.

Anyway, it is a good practice to first checkin the readme.txt alone.


Index of contents:

Using FoxBin2Prg with PlasticSCM
PlasticSCM - Download and configuration
PlasticSCM – Adding an existing VFP project
PlasticSCM – Working with branch per task
PlasticSCM – Working with branches with a second developer on same task
PlasticSCM - Desintegrate a task from the release
PlasticSCM - Synchronizing with a Git Repository
PlasticSCM – What’s next

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fdbozzo Mar 30, 2017 at 6:08 PM 
Hi swhowie:

I can't test it on Windows 10, but FoxBin2Prg have a subdirectory with the Source of this project too, so you could try to test running the main program directly, passing the parameter to the file you want to capitalize, so you can see in what line of the program Windows ask elevation.

It's really strange, but may be something have changed on Win10 that on previous versions did not need that elevation. May be the use of some DLL, I don't know.

swhowie Mar 27, 2017 at 10:46 PM 
I"m getting the dreaded "the requested operation requires elevation" when trying to run Normalize_Filenames.vbs but there's no "run as" option in Windows 10 and the ability to run as administrator in shortcut is greyed out. I don't use vbs files often - is there another way to run this in Windows 10 or is there an alternate program I can run to Normalize Capitals?

fdbozzo Sep 3, 2014 at 10:34 PM 
To complete the answer, in the previuos chapter 7 I wrote this:

It's a good idea to create shortcuts of this programs too: "Normalize_FileNames.vbs", "Convert_VFP9_BIN_2_PRG.vbs", "Convert_VFP9_PRG_2_BIN.vbs" and "FoxBin2Prg.exe" and copy these accesses into "SendTo" folder of your Windows profile, so you can use this options from contextual Windows File Manager menu, right-clicking over a selected file or directory and choosing the required option

This configuration (explained in FoxBin2Prg README.txt too) is what you need for this 1st paragraph.

fdbozzo Sep 3, 2014 at 10:27 PM 
If you look at the Index over this comments, you can see 2 previuos topics (are all sequential): "Using FoxBin2prg with PlasticSCM" and "PlasticSCM - Download and configuration". In those sections you first learn what is FoxBin2Prg and second how to configure it in Plastic, so this section uses the previous configurations.

gomes_metha Sep 1, 2014 at 6:16 PM 
In the first paragraph, you wrote "...right-click the root folder of the project and chose “Send To” > “Normalize_Filenames...”, but there isn't such option on my "Send To" menu. Can you help me? Thanks.