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PEM Editor 7

PEM Editor: Replacement for the native dialogs to add, edit and maintain properties, events, and methods.

IDE Tools: A vastly expanded collection of IDE Tools (made accessible by Thor, another VFPx project) that form the backbone for the Thor Repository and the Thor Framework.

Requires VFP8 or VFP9
Version 7.20 Released 2012-08-19

What's new in this release

This release introduces a wide range of new IDE Tools and includes enhancements to those IDE Tools in release 6.10. The concepts for these tools have originated in Visual Studio and other environments, or are due to the originality of a few contributors to the cause.

Each of the tools is documented separately; Click here for complete online documentation of IDE Tools.

These tools are accessible thru Thor and do not require the existence of the PEM Editor form.

38236 Download

PEM Editor 7 with IDE Tools is automatically downloaded and installed by using One-Click Update of Thor.

The download can also be downloaded manually, from PEM

To install,

     Clear All
     Do PEMEditor.APP 

This will not only install PEM Editor, but will also register it so that all of the new IDE Tools are available in Thor.

38236 Source Code

Source code is not included as part of the above downloads, but can be downloaded here:
      Download Source Code


Documentation and videos

What's New

Thor 1.30 – Released 2012-08-19

Version 7.20: IntellisenseX

IntellisenseX provides downdown lists of properties or field names when setting the ControlSource property.


See Setting ControlSources in PEM Editor.

Version 7.11: What's new in this release

There are no visible changes to in this release. A large number of bugs have been corrected, most notably the problem with selecting an object from the combobox in PEM Editor or from Document TreeView for obscured or hidden objects, objects on not-visible pages in a pageframe, and containers.

Version 7.1: What's new in this release

There are no visible changes to PEM Editor w/IDE Tools in this release.  However, there have been a number of internal changes to the objects in PEM Editor which support the tools in the Thor Repository.

Version 7: What's new in this release

As noted, this release contains a long list of new IDE Tools. They are listed below (the display is created by Thor).

There is a separate web page in the online documentation for each of these tools. This documentation is also accessible from within the Thor User Interface.


Objects published by PEM Editor

PEM Editor also publishes two objects that can be accessed by using Thor, to assist in building tools.

EditorWindow Object -- wrappers for the functions from FoxTools.fll to access and modify the currently open editing window.

Tools Object -- A collection of miscellaneous tools


Version 7.1  Production - Released 2011-10-23
Version 7.1 Released 2011-10-23
Version 7 Production - Released 2011-09-03 (356 downloads)

Version 7 Beta 5 - Released 2011-08-22 (93 downloads)

Version 7 Beta 4 - Released 2011-08-09 (103 downloads)

Version 7 Beta 3 - Released 2011-07-22 (127 downloads)

Version 7 Beta 2 - Released 2011-06-19 (242 downloads)

Version 7 Beta - Released 2011-06-03 (175 downloads)

Version 6.10 - Released 2010-11-14

Version 6 - Released 2010-09-0 (457 downloads)

Verion 6 Beta 1 - Released 2010-05-02 (533 downloads)

Version 5.07 - Release 2009-12-02 (1,437 downloads)

Version 5 - Release 2009-10-11 (702 downloads)

Version 4.10 - Released 2009-08-16 (653 downloads)

Version 4 - Released 2009-07-05 (671 dowbloads)

Version 3.01 - update released 2009-02-22

Version 3.0 - Released 2009-01-11 (1,252 downloads) By Jim Nelson, with help from Doug Hennig, Matt Slay, and Rick Schummer.

Version 2.0 - Released 2008-11-10 By Jim Nelson and Doug Hennig.

Version 1.0 by Marcia Akins

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HynekM Jul 31, 2012 at 12:56 PM 
- changing font-charset (by changing font in context menu on the PEM grid), had no effect. Just set fontcharset property of the form...
- expansion of the PEM grid overlaped controls under grid (ZOrder?)

It is possible to select control on a form when I click on it in "document treeview" form similarly as with combobox in the properties window?

kwesterlund Feb 9, 2012 at 6:20 PM 
BeautifyX does still mess with Join conditions with "AND" and the end of a line.

kwesterlund Jan 23, 2012 at 4:29 PM 
Things working nicely with 1/22 Thor update.

kwesterlund Oct 27, 2011 at 12:50 PM 
When I run PEM editor 7.1 and go to preferences, there is no IDE tools page. If I run version 7.0 again the IDE tools page is there.

JimRNelson Jun 28, 2011 at 9:52 PM 
Thanks -- that will be corrected in the next beta release.

kwesterlund Jun 28, 2011 at 5:19 PM 
Fantastic Work! Thanks for the time spent on this.

One bug - clicking the "Hot Keys and Preferences" menu item gets "PAGES is not an object" message.