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The VFPRegExpTester project provides a testing tool so Visual FoxPro developers can simply verify regular expression within the Visual FoxPro IDE. It is based on vbScript.regexp.


The nfXML project provides two simple to use functions to convert complex XML into a VFP (empty-based) object and vice versa.


Provides a wrapper class for calling to send texts. Updated to new version.


Provides a wrapper for working with Added currency type.


This new project allows you to read from and write to XLSX format files without any automation or export with support for full cell formatting.

Bin 2 Text Extension

Bin 2 Text Extension is a new project lead by Lutz Scheffler designed to provide better IDE integration with FoxBin2Prg.


ThemedTitleBar is a new project headed up by Markus Winhard to replace the VFP form TitleBar with a clean modern look.

VFP 9 SP2 Hotfix 3 Download (latest one)

Official download of VFP 9 SP2 Hotfix 3 available on VFPX as Microsoft retired the MSDN Code Gallery Web site..


StripeX is a new project that provides a wrapper for working with

VFP Runtime Installers

The VFP runtime installers are no longer available for download from Microsoft's web site, so we've made them available on VFPX.

VFPDosPrint Added

New project VFPDosPrint added to VFPX. Please see the project page for all the details. Thanks to Victor Espina for making this previous commercial project available to the Fox Community.

FoxUnit Updated

See the FoxUnit Changes page for new features.

Updates to FFC and Reporting Apps

Thanks to Joel Leach, a bug in handling higher DPI displays was fixed in FRXCursor (FFC) and the Reporting Apps projects. See Foxpro Foundation Classes (FFC) and XSource (Reporting APPs) for details.

New VFPX project: FoxBin2Prg

Added new project for a bi-directional replacement for SCCText callled FoxBin2Prg.

New VFPX project: Fox Graphics Library

Fox Graphics Library is a new, high-performance 3D graphics application framework.

SQL Server Upsizing Wizard Update

Several bugs were fixed in the SQL Server Upsizing Wizard. See Sedna for details.

Updates to FFC and Reporting Apps

Several bugs fixes were made in the FFC and Reporting Apps projects. See Foxpro Foundation Classes (FFC) and XSource (Reporting APPs) for details.

New VFPX project: FoxUnit

Eric Selje received permission from Russ Swall of Visionpace to add FoxUnit as a VFPX project. Eric has some terrific ideas to enhance FoxUnit and plans to lead a team to do just this. FoxUnit is a tool and with documentation and samples to facilitate using unit tests while development and, in the future, during the build process.

New VFPX project: ssClasses

Jun Tangunan's ssClasses library has been accepted as a VFPX project. ssClasses includes a number of very useful classes, including ssExcelPivot for creating Microsoft Excel pivot tables and ssDropCalc, a drop-down calculator class. Jun has been blogging about ssClasses for some time at

Jim Nelson is now VFPX Administrator

Since the inception of the SednaX project (previous name of VFPX) there have been three administrators of the project: Craig Boyd, Doug Hennig, and Rick Schummer. Jim Nelson has been a long-time contributor to VFPX with PEM Editor, Code Reference updates, and lately with the Thor project. His contributions to the community through VFPX are legendary. Jim also has made numerous suggestions to the administrators over the years that have improved the experience here on CodePlex. It only seemed natural that Jim take a more prominent role in the future of VFPX so the other three administrators asked Jim to join them and he agreed back in November. Thanks Jim.

New FoxcodePlus project

FoxcodePlus is a new project to extend Visual FoxPro's IntelliSense with features found in Visual Studio. Rodirigo Bruscain is the project manager.

New DataExplorer 3 project

DataExplorer 3 is a new project to take the Data Explorer past the version released by Microsoft with Sedna. Rick Schummer is the project manager.

New VFPWhereClauseBuilder project

VFPWhereClauseBuilder is a new project that provides a dynamic way to create a smooth and powerful search UI with smooth workflow.

FoxCharts Production version 1.20 released

FoxCharts has just been pushed to production release.
A blog post straight from VFPImaging regarding this FoxCharts release is at the following page...
VFP Imaging Weblog - FoxCharts production version released

PEM Editor version 4 released

An updated version of PEM Editor was released. A replacement for the native VFP dialog to edit and maintain properties and methods.

Updated ReportOutput.APP - beta released

An updated version of the VFP9 Reporting APPs v9.2.1 (beta), was released. Changes focus on performance.

Updated GDIPlusX Released

An updated version of GDIPlusX 1.20, was released into production.

Updated VFP DDEX Provider Released

An updated version of the VFP DDEX Provider, part of Sedna, was released today.

Tabbing Navigation - Alpha released

An alpa version of Tabbing Navigation was released. Makes navigating through FoxPro the same experience as SQL Management Studio or Visual Studio

PEM Editor version 3.0 released

An updated version of PEM Editor was released. A replacement for the native VFP dialog to edit and maintain properties and methods.

Updated New Property/Method Replacement Project


An updated version of New Property and Method Replacement Dialog was uploaded today that removes the Edit Property/Method dialog because that dialog has been replaced by the new PEM Editor.

Updated Property/Method Replacement Project


An updated version of New Property and Method Replacement Dialog was uploaded today that adds a lot of new functionality implemented by Jim Nelson, including the ability to filter the Edit Property/Method dialog on the type of PEM.

Updated OOP Menu Project


An updated version of OOP Menu Project was uploaded today that adds support for menus in top-level forms. Also, it's been moved from Beta to Production since it's been used in production apps for several years.

New PopMenu Project


This new project is similar to the OOP Menu Project but provides shortcut menus and "owner drawn" menus, allowing you to create Office-style menus. See PopMenu Project for details and PopMenu Project for the latest release.

FoxCharts 0.40 BETA Released


This version includes a host of new features including...
  • Vertical lines and bars in the scale background
  • Alpha allowed in the scale background
  • Triangular bar charts
  • Angles compensation for pie and doughnut charts, allowing charts with good precision when width is bigger than the height (by Bo Durban).
  • New sample, see: FoxCharts_New
  • Included an EXE sample project, for testing purposes
  • BackGround line of chart can be set in width, and also use some predefined dotted lines
  • Hiding slices from pies or doughnuts allowed
  • MemberData scripts for picking colors - in the properties window, double clicking any property that receives a color, will fire the colorpicker window
  • Colors may be passed using the RGB value, or using a VFP expression, like: "=RGB(0,0,255)" or even just like the way VFP uses for its native color properties: "0,0,255".
Visit the following link to obtain the release (you have to run the demo to believe it - great stuff!)...
Latest Release of FoxCharts

A blog post straight from VFPImaging regarding this FoxCharts release is at the following page...
VFP Imaging Weblog

Those working on FoxCharts are doing an awesome job of leveraging the power of GDIPlusX. It is nice to see some of the potential and promise coming to fruition. FoxCharts is an impressive project with lots of value add (real and potential) for VFP developers. Download it, review it, and post feedback about it. And, if you've been considering getting involved in a VFPX project and just weren't sure which one, you might consider lending a hand with this one.

VFP Grid ManyHeader project added to VFPX


The VFP Grid ManyHeader project seeks to provide VFP developers with a new and enhanced header class (based on a container) for use with VFP grids. While this project has just been added there are a few pretty good examples provided in the Alpha release of this project. Download and review it today. If it looks like something you'd like to help develop or provide feedback on you can use the Discussions board, Issue Tracker, or contact the project's manager (ShiLingFeng) via email at qzprincess AT hotmail DOT com.

VFP Grid ManyHeader Home
VFP Grid ManyHeader Release

French Localization Project in VFPX


Another localization project was added to VFPX, this time for French ( This project provides a localized VFP IDE and tools.

Alternative SCCText project in VFPX


It is with great pleasure your VFPX Administrators can announce the "Alternative SCCText" project has been accepted to VFPX!

Jurgen "wOOdy" Wondzinski (project manager) has hosted the "alternative" SCCText.prg at the ProLib site for years. It is considered the standard to many developers who use source code control with their Visual FoxPro projects. This program is used to create the "A" files - the text representation of the binary source code files from Visual FoxPro (SCX, VCX, FRX, MNX, PJX, and DBC). This program has been featured in Ted Roche's Essential SourceSafe book from Hentzenwerke, and has been in use for many years. This project is already in the "released" category.

If you want to be involved with this project in some way (improvements, testing, documentation, etc.), please contact wOOdy via email: VFPX { at } prolib {dot-is-next} DE.

Localization Projects in VFPX


A couple of localization projects have been added to VFPX recently: one in Russian ( and one in Portuguese ( These projects provide a localized VFP IDE and help file.

Project Proposal email address change


There have been numerous downloads of the VFPX Project Proposal since we updated the download a little over a month ago. Yesterday the administrators realized the wrong email address is included in the document. The new email address to submit project proposals is projects AT vfpx DOT com. You can still use the old proposal form (which has been updated with the new email address and replaces references of SednaX with VFPX), but please send it to the new email address since the old one no longer exists.

Edit Property/Method replacement dialog added to New Property/Method project


The New Property/Method replacement dialog project provides a replacement for the native New Property/Method dialog. The replacement dialog has a lot more functionality than the native dialog, including being modeless, dockable, resizable, and respecting the case of the member name. The latest release of this project includes a new dialog which replaces the native Edit Property/Method dialog. The new dialog, written by Marcia Akins, has similar benefits, plus also removes member data when you remove a property or method.

Table Designer X project added to VFPX

The Table Designer X project, managed by bhavbhuti, seeks to provide VFP developers with a new and enhanced table designer dialog for the VFP IDE. While it is still in the early planning stage of development, there's few VFP developers that haven't wished for a better table designer at one time or another. So, download the overview document included in the project's initial release and let the lively discussions, good ideas, and developing begin. Anyone wanting to help out with this project is urged to contact bhavbhuti - you can use the CodePlex contact feature or join one of the ongoing discussions regarding Table Designer X here on VFPX.

Table Designer X has the following stated goals:
  • Get over the Modal limitation
  • Overcome the limitation of the Field Name textbox width as viewing long field names become a keyboard and mouse challenge
  • Overcome the un-navigatable Field Name textbox in Table Read-Only (Shared) mode, esp. a problem when field names are longer than the available textbox width
  • Allow side by side opening of dialog for comparing (from different folders) and updating structures
  • Make the designer a replacement for LIST STRU, esp. useful when tables have lot more fields than can fit on the VFP desktop and much more readable

VFP MSBuild Target project added to VFPX


The VFP MSBuild Target project, managed by Alan Stevens, provides VFP developers a Team Build automated build. First you must create a MSBuild target, which understands how to handle the build commands. This project has the following goals:
  • Provide a GUI for including projects/files in a scheduled build, and set their appropriate properties
  • Create a VFP build target to be used by the BSBuild engine

Desktop Alerts project added to VFPX


The Desktop Alerts project, managed by Kevin Ragsdale, provides VFP developers with a reliable mechanism to add Outlook-style Desktop Alerts to VFP applications. Direct from Kevin:

"I love the Desktop Alerts in Outlook 2003. They provide useful information without interfering with my work. I can't stand to be working on one thing and suddenly have a MESSAGEBOX appear from an app informing me that it just did something wonderful on my behalf. The Desktop Alerts simply “appear” on my screen for a few seconds, letting me know I have new mail. They even provide some details (name of sender, subject). If I want to read the email immediately, I simply click on the Alert and Microsoft Outlook opens the message. Otherwise, I can ignore the alert and it will fade away.

I thought something like this would be a great enhancement for some of my apps, so I went about the task of finding out how to mimic Outlook’s Desktop Alerts."

If you are interested in helping Kevin on this project, please contact him at kevin (AT)

New Ctl32_scontainer Project

Tuesday, October 31, 2006 | From SednaX : News

The Ctl32_scontainer project, managed by Carlos Alloatti, provides a scrollable container for VFP 9 that can be used for paning large images, creating Explorer, Taskpane and other modern GUI interfaces, or anywhere a general purpose container needs to scroll due to form or screen size.

Outlook2003Bar - New VFPX project announcement

Wednesday, October 04, 2006 | From SednaX : News

Your administrators are announcing the Outlook2003Bar project as the newest VFPX/SednaX project, managed by Emerson Reed. This is a nice and simple interface that improves the user experience providing a toolbar with the look and feel like the Outlook 2003 left bar, and it is entirely written in VFP 9. Emerson will soon be posting the base source code for this project and is looking for people to test it out and make suggestions and report bugs. If you want to participate in this project, head over to VFPX on and jump in on the forums to offer your assistance.

New Class BrowserX Project

Friday, June 23, 2006 | From SednaX : News

The Class BrowserX projects fixes some bugs and make the Class Browser usable for any form to generate PRG or HTML code from it. Arto Toikka is the project manager; he can be reached at

And the winner is...

Friday, June 16, 2006 | From SednaX : News

The new name for SednaX as chosen by the VFP community is VFPX. It was close, though; VFPX only beat out VFP.Next by a few votes. Watch for an announcement soon about the move to, plus a VFPX logo.

Upcoming Move and New Name

Friday, June 09, 2006 | From SednaX : News

In The News The impending move has been mentioned a couple of times online. Here are the links in case you missed them... by Korby Parnell by Mary Jo Foley Renaming SednaX There has been some discussion in the message boards here as well as some active voting being done out on the poll that Andrew MacNeill put up (thanks again Andrew). To vote on the poll go to... While VFPX seems to have the nod here in the message boards by a slight margin, VFP.Next is getting the nod out on the poll. If you haven't added a comment in the message boards or voted on the poll, now is the time to do so. A decision based on member feedback and the poll will be made early next week and the name chosen will be permanent. We're not only inventing the future of VFP here, we're renaming it, so get involved. -Craig Boyd

Over 700 Members and a Name Change

Friday, June 02, 2006 | From SednaX : News

SednaX continues to grow in the number of overall members and projects being worked on. In the interests of providing SednaX members and project managers with more features and a powerful online environment for collaborative projects a move to Microsoft's CodePlex ( is being looked into. The CodePlex site is still in beta, but offers a number of features that SednaX members and projects could benefit from. The timeline in which SednaX would be moved to CodePlex is still a little difficult to estimate, but we hope to be able to make the move in a timely manner. One of the other changes that is being considered as part of the move is renaming SednaX to better reflect the fact that it is related to Visual FoxPro. We have set up a thread, 'SednaX Name Change', in the discussion area for ideas about what SednaX should be officially named/branded for the long term. Here are a couple of possibilities... VFPX (owned by SednaX already) Vulpine ( not available) We feel that rebranding SednaX at this time to reflect its relation to Visual FoxPro and its look towards the future is a good idea. So please weigh in on the message board thread with your own ideas and your own thoughts on what it should be called. We feel that due weight should be given to names that have .COM domains available. Help us brand the future of Visual FoxPro with a name befitting of such a monumental community effort. All input is welcome. Thanks.

Replacement for the New Property and New Methods Dialogs

Wednesday, May 24, 2006 | From SednaX : News

VFP 9 comes with a well-hidden replacement for the New Property and New Method dialogs in the Form and Class menus. This dialog is much more useful and powerful than the native dialogs, including being modeless and dockable, automatically saving the new member in the proper case, automatically assigning a default value based on the data type of the property, and so forth. This project provides an updated version of this replacement, fixing a few bugs and adding new features.

ctl32_statusbar Project

Monday, May 22, 2006 | From SednaX : News

Your administrators are announcing the ctl32statusbar as the newest SednaX project, managed by Carlos Alloatti. The goals of this project are to provide a status bar that looks like any other Windows program status bar. It has to be a direct replacement of the native VFP status bar. No need to change code in existing projects. This particular project is going to address the problem of not being able to manipulate the layout of the existing VFP status bar and using VFP natively to present a status bar on a top level form without the need for an ActiveX control. If you are interested in contributing to this exciting project, start a message in the forums and Carlos will jump in to see how you want to contribute to this project. Carlos is looking for members to help out with bug checking, code reviews, logic checks, etc. The source code and documentation for ctlstatusbar will be posted in the Downloads area shortly.

Updated OOP Menu Project Source

Wednesday, May 17, 2006 | From SednaX : News

An updated version of the OOP Menu Project source was posted today. It fixes a few bugs; see the History topic in the help file for a list of the changes.

Code Analyst Project

Thursday, May 11, 2006 | From SednaX : News

Code Analyst is the newest SednaX project, managed by Andrew MacNeill. It's a tool designed to help refactoring and code reviews by noting areas in code that would subjectively benefit from being either rewritten or separated into multiple methods. Similar to Beautify in that developers can select options to make it more useful, one goal is also to make it extensible for all levels of refactoring. An example of this is procedure and code length. One axiom that many developers live by is that each function should only do "one thing". If this was achieved, then a) in-line comments could be reduced and b) total maintainability is increased. How do you achieve this? Force developers to keep the number of lines down. What is the ideal length for a piece of code? One Code Analyst feature analyzes methods and programs and identifies which methods have more than a certain number of lines of code in it. Are there more? You betcha - just think of the different ways you identify what could be refactored. This is what Code Analyst is designed to do. The source code and documentation for Code Analyst will be posted in the Downloads area shortly.

GDI Plus Library Updated

Friday, May 05, 2006 | From SednaX : News

The GDI Plus team lead by Bo Durban released an update to the GDI+ Library with enhancements and a couple of bug fixes. The team has included examples for showing image properties, random images, text rotation, and filling shapes. The original release was downloaded more than 500 times while the team was hard at work on this release. You can run Demo.prg to see the examples. All source code included in the download and the team is still working on more. The team is estimating 30% of the overall code is developed and are looking for developers to do some testing of the existing modules and developing some samples. Complete details can be found in the ReadMe.txt file and you can provide feedback in the SednaX forums.

JustBehave and over 500 members

Friday, March 10, 2006 | From SednaX : News

JustBehave is the newest SednaX project. The source code and overview document for this project are now available in the Downloads Section. The project manager for this project is Glenn Domeracki. The Message Boards have been slightly changed. All projects will have the their own message board prefixed with the word PROJECT. Project managers are encouraged to set up threads of discussion for their projects in whatever way they feel will best organize and direct the information being posted (Enhancement Requests, Release Notes, Installation and Use, Interested in Helping, etc.). Currently there are message boards for the Object Oriented Menu System, the GDIPlus XFC Libraries, and JustBehave. Discussion regarding possible future SednaX projects will continue in the message boards that are prefixed with the word PROPOSAL. All message board content was preserved in making this change. Over 500 members have joined the SednaX project since it's inception about 6 months ago. This is very encouraging and we look forward to more projects being added to SednaX in the coming months. If you have a project, or an idea for a project that you think would be a good fit for SednaX, download and fill out the SednaX Project Overview Template available in the downloads section of this site and send it to for consideration. If you see a SednaX project that you are interested in contributing to, download the project file and contact the designated project manager manager via email or post your interest in the message board that has been set up for the project. Thank you to everyone who has signed up for and contributed to SednaX - the future of Visual FoxPro is bright.

GDI Plus X Foundation Classes project

Monday, February 27, 2006 | From SednaX : News

The SednaX "GDI+ - X Foundation Classes" Project is ready to start. The downloads area includes GDIPlusFoundationXClasses.ZIP, which includes the initial source code under development, and documentation for this project. Bo Durban is the project manager and the initial team members have plenty of ideas for this particular add-on to Visual FoxPro and look forward to more input from the SednaX members. <br /><br />The project team will communicate ideas and discuss design using the online message forums so developers (whether participating in the project or not) can subscribe to any of the threads they are interested in and get notifications as the project is progressing. <br /><br /> Anyone interested in joining as project members should email Bo (

SednaX Mission Statement

Friday, February 24, 2006 | From SednaX : News

Provided in the download section is a new document containing the mission statement that guides SednaX. Also included in the document are many answers to questions such as what the membership levels are, how the project proposal and acceptance/rejection processes work, and other frequently asked questions. A number of new projects for SednaX have been proposed and those that have been accepted will be posted shortly. Nearly 500 members and still growing...

Project Proposal Template Tweak

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 | From SednaX : News

Your SednaX Admins have been encouraged by the number of downloads taken for the original SednaX Project Overview Template (over 600 sample downloads with only 483 members). We are expecting a fair number of new project submissions based on these statistics. We recently updated the template to clarify the purpose of SednaX based on a couple of project submissions made, which were not accepted. Please note that commercial products, demo versions, or any project that does not include complete source code does not fall within the scope of SednaX and will not be accepted. The spirit of SednaX is simple: developers creating open source add-ons and new Visual FoxPro functionality not provided by the Microsoft Fox Team and the existing third-party market. For those SednaX members who are filling out the Project Overview Template for your proposed project, there is no need to get the new template because we did not change the questions or add any sections to be filled out. We only added language at the beginning of the template to remind members about the type of projects which will be accepted into SednaX. Keep working on the proposals, keep discussing ideas for SednaX in the forums, and keep spreading the word about one of the fastest growing projects on GotDotNet! Rick Schummer

SednaX Menu Project has started

Monday, February 06, 2006 | From SednaX : News

The SednaX Menu Project is ready to start. The downloads area includes MenuProject.ZIP, which includes the source code, samples, and documentation for this project. As mentioned in the help file, the main chores to do in this project are creating the menu factory tools, testing, and suggestions for improvements. Anyone interested in joining as project members should email We'll use the Menu Project message board for team communication.

SednaX interviewed on the FoxShow

Thursday, January 26, 2006 | From SednaX : News

Craig Boyd, Doug Hennig, and Rick Schummer (your SednaX administrators) have been interviewed by Andrew MacNeill on the first <a href="">The FoxShow</a> podcast of 2006. If you're interested in helping the Visual FoxPro Community improve Visual FoxPro through SednaX, this interview will give you details on what SednaX is, what it isn't, and where its headed. The interview discusses the SednaX licensing, how you can submit project proposals, how you can participate in a project, various roles you can play, types of projects anticipated to be included in SednaX, how awareness can be raised, how projects will evolve, and several other SednaX related topics. Head over to Andrew's site and give <a href="">The FoxShow</a> a listen. You will understand a lot more about SednaX and some of the challenges and benefits of participating in the Fox Community extensions to Visual FoxPro. We live in exciting times. - Rick Schummer

SednaX Project Submission

Monday, January 23, 2006 | From SednaX : News

SednaX administrators Craig Boyd, Rick Schummer, and Doug Hennig have come up with a process for submitting projects to SednaX. - Download the SednaX Project Overview Template from the downloads page. Download the sample project overview for an example of what's expected in the project overview. - Create a document from this template and fill it in. The questions describe what the proposed project is about and why it's useful to the VFP community, and help the administrators decide if the project fits the SednaX concept. - Email the document to - The SednaX administrators will review the document, possibly contact you with questions, and determine whether the project will be added to SednaX. You will be contacted by email either way. - Once a project has been approved, a message will be posted informing all members of the new project and requesting that those interested in being members of the project team contact the project manager (usually the person who submitted the project overview). Now that we have a formal process in place, we expect there will be several projects submitted in the next while. We're all looking forward to getting SednaX kicked off, as there are some pretty cool ideas on the message boards. - Doug Hennig

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