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          Extends the behavior of any Visual FoxPro baseclass or custom framework class without the need for additional code.


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If a given class requires a behavior which is not inherited in a particular class hierarchy branch, the particular code will be “cut and pasted” into the individual control or an entirely new class branch.
Behavior code is loaded once for the entire application and that all registered controls share the common behavior. The overall result is a smaller footprint and a potentially more stable operating environment.

The goals of this project are:
  • Allow custom behaviors for base or thin UI classes in a centralized manner which will allow multiple behaviors to be added to produce rich UI interfaces with virtually NO programming.
  • Improve UI performance and stability by centralizing behavior code and allowing lightweight controls.

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edyshor Mar 2, 2009 at 7:45 PM 
Sounds like a good ideea, is this meant to separate the behaviour layer from the interfce layer? Will it allow changing the interface on the fly without modification to the bsness and data access code ?