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IntellisenseX refers to a suite of Thor Tools that provide functionality similar to native Intellisense. These tools displays lists of available variable names, field names, or members (properties, events, methods, and objects) while you type code, just like Intellisense. However, they cover those areas that Intellisense forgot (such as the list of field names in a table, as below) and new capabilities available through customization. For instance, the list of field names, below, could just as well have come from a SQL table named Partslist.


Thor Tools

IntellisenseX is implemented through the use of three tools:

  • Intellisense by Dot is the main tool. Once executed, IntellisenseX is activated any time you press a period (dot), the same as for native Intellisense.
  • Intellisense by Hot Key is the twin of Intellisense by Dot, except that it is activated differently.

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IntellisenseX is built on ISX.PRG,  written by Christof Wollenhaupt (and a host of others) from 1999-2010.  The concept of extending Intellisense began with ISX.PRG and even after modifying it to fit within Thor and extending it to some new areas, the vast majority of code from ISX.PRG remains unchanged. Thanks so much to Christof (and the others) for providing such a worthy tool as a starting place.

Thanks also to Matt Slay for asking the right question at the right time to get this project started.


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