text_ok.png How Do I Setup Source Code Control and Contribute Here

          A few links and instructions for establishing and using CodePlex source control facilities.


Some answers can be found at the following link:


As for getting the source code control set up to work with Visual FoxPro, you'll need to install the Team Explorer Client which can be downloaded at the following link:


The VSTFClient is an IMG file which you will need to extract or burn to CD using a 3rd party product. A list of 3rd party products can be found at the bottom of the following page:


Once you have the Team Explorer Client installed then you will need the MSSCCI Provider (this allows TSF to be used with VFP projects). The MSSCCI Provider can be downloaded from Microsoft at:


Once you have completed the previous steps go into Visual FoxPro 9.0 and set the Source Code Control provider in Tools... Options as shown below...


The information for CodePlex TFS that you will need is provided on the Source Code page of the VFPX site when you are logged in...


For new projects you would open the project and then click the following under the Project menu in VFP....


For existing projects you would download the project's source code from the VFPX site from the Source Code page and then use the following under the File menu in VFP...


Make sure you set the port and protocol when adding the CodePlex server



This is just a simple explanation to get a developer set up to contribute to VFPX projects. There are a lot of other features available once you have the project under source control. See the following...


Once Source Control has been established using the steps outlined above then you can perform check-ins and check-outs. Some of the source control features available to you can be accessed via the right-click on the file context menus of the project manager in Visual FoxPro.

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