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Version 1.6 - September 20, 2016
Replaced graphics with icons from Visual Studio Graphics Library
Grouped icons into a more logical arrangement, with group titles
Added the ability to create a test class with unimplemented tests from all methods in a class library
Allow custom colors for pass/fail
Hide the filter panel unless Filter toggle is switched on

Version 1.51 - July 29, 2015
Refactored many forms to be subclasses of new fxuFrmUser, which holds the ioFxuInstance object and the SettingsSave() and SettingsRestore() functions.
Removed check whether tests are in path
Added more unit tests for the forms in fxu_fxuFrmUserTests.prg
Misc U/I Cleanup
Switched to FoxBin2Prg for SCM

Version 1.5 - July 13, 2015
Introduced new class fxu.fxuInstance
Removed fxuShowForm.prg
Removed fxuNewObject.prg
(See full list of changes here - FoxUnit 1.5 Full Changes)

Version 1.42
Added option to retain visual results of previous tests between each run.

Version 1.41 - November 11, 2014
Added a new assertion, AssertNotImplemented()
Made that the default function call on new tests
Changed name of new tests to testNewTest to conform with standard of test names beginning with 'test'

The problem was that if a new test was added but no test code was written, that test would PASS. This is wrong. Now the new test will fail with a message of "Not Implemented Yet" to indicate to the developer that the test has yet to be written.
FoxUnit 1.41 Change.png
FoxUnit 1.41 New Test Fails.png

Version 1.4 - August 1, 2014
Added a filter to only show failed tests
Promoted the "Options" button to the main screen

Added an About tab to the Options form for easy access to the license, getting started, acknowledgments, and version history.

Reworked the New Test Class form (and underlying classes) for clarity

Version 1.3 - July 29, 2014
Burkhard Stiller Added these assertions:
  • AssertEqualsArrays
  • AssertEqualsObjects
  • AssertEqualsValues
  • AssertHasError
  • AssertHasErrorNo
  • AssertIsObject

Eric Selje added the unit tests he uses to confirm FoxUnit hasn't broken.

Version 1.21 - July 11, 2014
Doug Meerschaert found a bug that caused AssertEquals to ignore the NonCaseSensitive flag. (work item 34625)

Version 1.2 - July 9, 2014
Fernando Bozzo introduced the following changes:
  • In FXU main window, the font of editboxes was changed to Courier New to enhance output of tabular data
  • Solved some historical problems with data path (or I think so, reading the comments on the code)
  • Configured Anchor of textboxes used for search (conditioned for version(5) >= 900)
  • Added the possibility of running FoxUnit from a CI server like CruiseControl, using this DOS syntax: <path>\ createFxuResultsAddAllTestsAndRun
  • Closed various ENDPROC/ENDFUNC
  • Text logs converted using STRCONV(Logtext,9) for special characters support (Spanish, German, etc)
  • Expanded the default size of the test-cases loading form because they were too small for large test names when using BDD-style naming (verbose names that describe the tests)
  • Expanded the default size of the FoxUnit main window considering a minimal conservative setup of 800x600
  • Expanded TClass C(80) to C(110) ==> So the Unit Test file name can be 'utlibraryNameclassName_methodName.prg'
  • Expanded TName C(100) to C(130) ==> So the method name can be 'SHOULDDoSomethingWHENSomeConditions'
  • Fxu.prg => Added AlwaysOnTop and Zoom Max when executed from CI Server (createFxuResultsAddAllTestsAndRun procedure)
  • fxuresultdata.prg => Bug Fix: Found a very old bug that throws an error sometimes when filtering tests on main window and adding a new test
  • All changes are backward compatible

Version 1.11 - Nov 2013
Matt Slay introduced a splitter bar (using the SFSplitter Class Library) to separate the tests from the results.

Version 1.1 - Sept 2012
First version in VFPX. Uses changes by H. Alan Stevens which standardizes the parameter order for Assert calls.

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