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JRN FoxCharts Tools

This toolkit contains a couple of add-on tools not part of FoxCharts proper:
  • VisualChartDesigner – a tool which allows either the developer or an end user to make changes to the FoxCharts properties and see their immediate effect. VisualChartDesigner can be added to any existing chart by adding a single control to the FoxCharts container of a chart:
    • cmdChartOptions of VisualChartDesigner.vcx
  • GetChartDataFromRows – a PRG to convert data series which originates in rows into the format that FoxCharts requires (where each data series is in a field).


Unzipping JRNFoxChartsTools.Zip creates a new folder, JRNFoxChartsTools. This folder contains the following items:
  • VisualChartDesigner.VCX
  • GetChartDataFromRows.PRG
  • A “Documentation’ folder, which contains a separate document for each of the tools.
  • A ‘Samples’ folder, which contains VisualChartDesigner_Sample.SCX
  • An additional form and class; you will not reference either of these, but both are used by the VisualChartDesigner.

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facu3228 Nov 2, 2010 at 2:19 PM 
Hello, where I can get the download link for JRNFoxChartsTools.Zip
Thank you

KenAGreen Aug 18, 2010 at 5:46 PM 
Jim, you took the great FoxCharts and made it interactive in a super-easy way. The ability to play with settings lets me try out various options with ease. I wish I could think of a contribution (to anything) this slick. Thanks a lot.