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Form Layout

The final form layout is a combination of 3 markup blocks stored as string properties on the Dynamic Form class:

cHeaderMarkup + cBodyMarkup + cFooterMarkup 

Header and Footer

The form class provides default Header and Footer markup blocks that should be fairly useful for most general form designs. Therefore, all you have to provide is the cBodyMarkup to compose the main data area of the form.


The default Header markup provides a label and a horizontal separator line. The default Header markup also works in conjunction with two other properties to allow you to set a title label at the top of the form:



The default Footer markup provides a horizontal separator line, as well as a Save and Cancel buttons.

You can override the default captions for the buttons in the Footer area using these properties:


If you wish to omit the Header or Footer from the final form layout, simply set the corresponding property to an empty string.

Custom Header and Footer

You can override either of the Header or Footer markup areas with your own layout markup to create custom Header and Footer layouts.


The main body area is stored in cBodyMarkup and contains the layout markup for the view/edit area of the form.


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