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Dynamic Forms - Change Log

Ver 1.8.2 Beta (2014-09-29)

  • Fixed bug in syntax parsing when string property values contained a numeric value only.

Ver 1.8.1 Beta (2014-09-26)

  • Fixed bug in RenderControl() method if the object was not able to be created.

Ver 1.8.0 Beta (2014-09-08)

  • Release as 1.8.0 Beta version on VFPx
  • DF_MemoFieldEditBox.EditData() now calls loForm.Show() with "Thisform.WindowType" instead of 0 [per JRN].

Ver 1.7.0 Alpha (2013-10-31)

  • Added class DF_EditButton which can be used to display a DF_EditButton beside editbox classes.
  • Memo fields from table/cursor binding will automatically render a DF_EditButton beside the editbox.
  • Added property lGenerateEditButtonsForMemoFields to RenderEngine to control rendering of DF_EditButtons.
  • Added support for attribute ".ShowEditButton = .t." in markup which can be used on editbox classes to add the DF_EditButton bseide the correpsonding control class. Control class must have an EditDate() method which will be called by the DF_EditButton.
  • Added oRenderOrder collectiton to each Field in the oFieldList so the attributes will be applied to each rendered control in the same order as they appear in the markup.

Ver 1.6.1 Alpha (2012-12-31)

  • Added a new UI class which can handle pop-up editing of memo fields via DoubleClicking. See class: DF_MemoFieldEditBox
  • Added code to cBodyMarkup_Assign() to store passed value onto form property.
  • Adjusted ParseField() method so it would not consider "dot" when picking out ControlSource from passed markup. It now breaks on whitespace/newline only.
  • An object reference to the Render Engine is now added to the passed Container. This is helpful for advanced new features in DF.

Ver 1.6.0 Alpha (2012-12-31)

  • Added new handling for memo fields when binding to fields in a cursor. DF will now render an editbox for memo fields on a cursor unless a specific class is specified in the markup.
  • DF will now attempt to open the table if cAlias table is not already open.
  • Cleaned up the markup in the default footer layout.

Ver 1.5.0 Alpha  (2012-10-28)

  • Added new handling which will automatically detect which delimiters are used in the cBodyMarkup
    (  .attribute = value    or    :attribute => value  )
  • Revised all markup samples to use the “dot” syntax.  I.e.
    .  and  =      rather than      :  and  =>
  • Render Engine: Added new property lResizeContainer (default = .f.). By default, the Render Engine does not resize oContainer to fit rendered control. Dynamic Form overrides this property to .t. as it wants the container resized to fit controls.
  • Render Engine: Renamed method ResizeMainContainer() to ResizeContainer()
  • Render Engine: Added oRenderEngine as an object to ParseField() doesn't have to create a new instance each time it is called.

Ver 1.4.1 Alpha  (2012-10-26)

  • Fixed a bug when assigning :left attribute with a string value

Ver 1.4.0 Alpha  (2012-10-23)

  • All Form, Render Engine, and Container properties can now be set in the cBodyMarkup block (See documentation pages for code examples).
  • Form.Render() now accepts a cBodyMarkup string, allowing you to pass in your markup blocks as a parameter. i.e.: loForm.Render(lcBodyMarkup)
  • Fixed bug which prevented was overriding :width setting if markup resulted in a DF_ErrorContainer control to show an error condition.
  • Fixed minor bugs related to including FoxPro code statements in the markup. I.e.  (... FoxPro code line here…) |

Ver 1.3.0 Alpha   (2012-10-08)
*-- Added support in the markup syntax for including code lines to be executed druing render. Simply wrap code statement in parentheses.
*-- Added support for keeping Modeless forms alive. See Show() method documentation on
*-- Added properties lInHeader and lInBody (already had lInFooter) to track which area the render engine is working in. See BuildMarkup().
*-- Refactored some code out of Render() method into new BuildMarkup() method.
*-- BuildMarkup() injects some embedded code to indicate the rendering area (Header, Body, Footer).
*-- Added property for oBusinessObject and cBusinessObjectSaveMethod. See
*-- Revised Save button to call the Business Object Save method, if everything is assigned.
*-- Added better handling for cSkipFields list.

Ver 1.2.0 Alpha   (2012-09-25)
*-- Added support for new :set-focus => .t. attribute, which indicates which control will have focus when form is shown.
*-- Improved support for :anchor settings on rendered controls. Code changed in ResizeMainContainer() method.
*-- Restored ability to display all fields on cAlias or oDataObject if no cBodyMarkup is specified. See GetBodyMarkupForAll() and Render().
*-- Added new property lInFooter to indicate when the rendering has entered the footer area. This property is set in the Footer markup and is used in processing to ensure the footer controls will be rendered at the proper vertical location.

Ver 1.1.0 Alpha     (2012-09-23)
*-- Default Footer is now anchored to bottom right of form.
*-- Can now include single lines of FoxPro code in markup to execute at render time. Wrap code code in ( ).
*-- Adjusted vertical spacing of controls DF_HorizontalLine, CommandButtons, CheckBoxes, Pictures
*-- Added class property for new vertical spacing listed above.
*-- Fixed bug when MinHeight and MinWidth are set to a size larger than the render container.
*-- Fixed bug which did not handle Modeless form mode when calling loForm.Show(0)
*-- Added new properties nLastControlLeft, nLastControlBottom, nLastControlRight

Ver 1.0.0 Alpha     (2012-09-18)
* The markup parser now allows attribute values to omit the surrounding quote marks around numeric and Boolean values.
* Another changed in the markup parser is that expressions used as attribute values (which are evaluated run-time), must now be wrapped in parentheses.
* (Credit to Jim Nelson for supplying these parser updates.)
* New properties on the Render Engine allow you to specify custom delimiter patterns for cAttributeNameDelimiterPattern and cAttributeValueDelimiterPattern.

Ver 0.9.033     (2012-09-12)
* Removed Button Bar controls from Form, replaced with cHeaderMarkup and cFooterMarkup.
* cHeaderMarkup and cFooter are default markup strings which wrap around cBodyMarkup
* to create the entire form. Either cHeaderMarkup and cFooterMarkup can be set to empty to
* prevent them from being added to user supplied cBodyMarkup. They can also be overridden
* by the developer to create customer Header and Footer markup layouts.
* Also added cHeading and cHeadingFontSize which used by cHearderMarkup to create a title on the form.

Ver 0.9.032     (2012-09-12)
* Removed Anchor preset values from DF_SaveButton and DF_CancelButton classes

Ver 0.9.031     (2012-09-11)
* Refactored main rendering method into many smaller methods
* For DF_ResultButton, added Caption_Assign() method to set Tag = Caption.
* Added code in DynamicForm.QueryUnload() method to call RestoreData()
* Moved code from DynamicForm.cmdSave.Click() and cmdCancel.Click(), down to their baseclasss, DF_SaveButton and DF_CancelButton.
* Updates notes in sample code prg for steps 1 through 7
* Documentation updates to VFPx pages.

Ver 0.9.030     (2012-09-10)
* Added property cButtonBarLocation ('top', 'bottom', 'none')
* Added support for Horizontal Lines via :class => 'DF_HorizontalLine'
* Moved default location of "Button Bar" to 'bottom' of form.
* Renamed lblHeading to lblButtonBar
* Renamed TopLine to lineButtonBar

=== Ver 0.9.029     (2012-09-10)
* Updated vertical positioning logic for better layout flow.

=== Ver 0.9.027     (2012-09-08)
* Added new RenderEngine property and logic for: lAutoAdjustVerticalPositionAndHeight
* Renamed property nMaxHeight to nColumnHeight
* Major updates to documentation pages. See VFPs site for new and changed pages.

=== Ver 0.9.026     (2012-09-05)
* Added more tests on the attribute values to report syntax or value errors
* Added GetErrorsAsString() method to the RenderEnginer to show any errors.
* Updates documentation pages on VFPx site.

=== Ver 0.9.025     (2012-09-04)
* Added support for OptionGroup (radio buttons)

=== Ver 0.9.022     (2012-09-04)
* Another attempt to fix bug that can happen when there is more than one column on the render surface.

=== Ver 0.9.021     (2012-09-04)
* Fixed bug that can happen when there is more than one column on the render surface.

=== Ver 0.9.020     (2012-09-04)
* By defaualt, the Save button is now set as 'Default' property on the form (will close form on Enter)
* By defaualt, the Cancel button is now set as 'Cancel' property on the form (will close form on Escape)
* Fixed bug with rendering all fields via cFieldList = '*'
* Added properties to form for nMinWidth and nMinHeight

=== Ver 0.9.019     (2012-09-04)
* Added complete list of baseclasses to the default class/class lib properlinks on RenderEngine

=== Ver 0.9.018     (2012-09-04)
* Added links to the Dynamic Form page on the VFPx site and Google Groups disucssion forum.

=== Ver 0.9.017     (2012-09-03)
* Revised logic for column management.
* Revied to show labels above the error containter (when the field/property is invalid)

=== Ver 0.9.016     (2012-09-01)
* Fixed bug in ParseField() that did not properly address cr/lf in passed parameter from cFieldList.
* Fixed default label captions when binding to variables
* Documentation updates

=== Ver 0.9.015     (2012-08-31)
* Added :render-if attribute
* Added DF_ErrorContainer class to display errors on the form
* Added support for commans between attributes in cFieldList (they are optional)
* Documentation updates

=== Ver 0.9.014     (2012-08-30)
* Added RestoreData() support to restore all fields to original values upon Cancel.
* Documentation updates

=== Ver 0.9.013     (2012-08-29)
* Added lClearEventsOnClose property of DynamicForm class
* Added nErrorCount and oErrors collection to the DynamicFormRenderEngine class
* Documentation updates

=== Ver 0.9.011     (2012-08-29)
* Bug fixes related to new cAlias setting
* Documentation updates

=== Ver 0.9.010     (2012-08-28)
* Added cAlias property to support binding to a cursor/alias

=== Ver 0.9.009     (2012-08-27)
* Added Cancel button to DynamicForm

=== Ver 0.9.008     (2012-08-27)
* Corrected horizontal spacing between controls when :row-increment => '0'

=== Ver 0.9.007     (2012-08-26)
* Added propertied on DynamicFormRenderEnginer to specify custom class/class for Listboxes.
* Updated Documentation area at top of PRG file.

=== Ver 0.9.005     (2012-08-25)
* Separated Render() method from Show() method to give users a chance to modify the controls
* before the form is shown.

=== Ver 0.9.004     (2012-08-24)
* Add lLabelsABove property to RenderEngine to locate labels above the input controls
* Added :row-increment and :row attributes

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